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Best Way to Migrate Gmail to ProtonMail Account Step by Step

Raj | Published: May 15th, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article covers a suitable method to migrate Gmail to ProtonMail account without data loss. Furthermore, by using the given method, you will eventually be able to perform the migration on your own without any difficulty.

User Query: Switching from one email service to another can be a troublesome task and requires a fair amount of time to migrate all the data without any loss. But my requirements compel me to do the migration, as I don’t want to have multiple accounts. How tedious it is to maintain different accounts on different platforms. So, I want to migrate from Gmail account to ProtonMail account as soon as possible. Somebody please enlighten me with the solution.

To know more about the solution, we have also shared how transferring emails benefits you. Let us move on to the reasons before knowing the solution to this exodus.

Why Users Like to Move to ProtonMail Over Gmail?

Most of the users prefer to switch to ProtonMail from their personal or official Gmail account because ProntoMail provides ad-free service to its users. It helps to protect personal conversations with strong encryption.

All users can use ProtonMail without fear of losing information as it offers a zero access encryption which prevents data from decryption. This encryption applies to all messages in ProtonMail’s mailbox.

Also, Gmail offers a limited storage space of 15GB which is also shared by other Google services. But ProtonMail provides its users with a great storage space to maintain the data uninterruptedly.

Furthermore, ProtonMail also has no right to read your emails stored on the mailbox, so you can be sure that they cannot be read by third parties either.

Apart from these reasons, it also offers various plans to its users like Proton Free, Proton Mail Plus and Proton Unlimited Plan. Users can easily operate any one as per the requirements.

Now, let us understand in detail how you can transfer your email data securely.

How to Migrate Gmail to ProtonMail Using Direct Solution?

For those users who do not want to go for data loss incidents, they are suggested to go for professional solutions. A professional solution to migrate Gmail to ProtonMail is FreeViewer IMAP to IMAP Migration Software.

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It is an automated software that helps you to successfully transfer multiple emails in one go without any data modification. Also, if you are wondering if this tool can migrate different accounts as well as ProtonMail, then yes it can. As it is designed with advanced core algorithms which makes batch migration possible.

Complete List of Features of this Automated Software

  1. The software is quite easy to use as its simple graphical user interface helps even the most novice users to operate the application with ease.
  2. Apart from this, this tool also migrate Gmail to ProtonMail account along with all attachments and other elements without data modification.
  3. Even after you perform a full migration using this tool, the internal folder hierarchy of the mailbox remains intact.
  4. This automated software supports various latest versions of Mac operating system, including Mac 13.0, Mac OS X 12.0 (Monterey), Mac OS X 11.0 (Big Sur), Mac OS X 10.8 and above.
  5. Moreover, this software is even better because it provides the most accurate results for migration from Gmail email to ProtonMail without storing your personal data.
  6. Also, it offers a free demo version to check the in-built features with migration of a limited number of emails.
  7. Allows migration of selected emails from Gmail account mailbox to ProtonMail account via date filter option.

Steps to Transfer Gmail Emails to ProtonMail via Tool

First download the software on desktop and follow the below guidelines for quick migration-

  • Follow the given prerequisites before proceeding with the process, tap on the Continue button.

download tool

  • In the source account selection, select the Gmail option, enter the user credentials, click Validate.

migrate gmail to protonmail

  • From the next tab, select the ProtonMail option, if not given then select the other option and follow the same pattern as the source account.

add details

  • Now, click on advance settings and go to date filter to set the date range as required. It will help you to migrate only selected emails from mailbox.


  • Tap on the Start Migration button to start the process, the tool will then start transferring the selected emails from Gmail account to ProtonMail.

start migrate gmail to protonmail


So, in this article, we have learned how to migrate Gmail to ProtonMail account in the simplest way. Here, we have shared the direct method to perform the migration carefully. The software as suggested will help the users to transfer multiple emails from one source Gmail account to ProtonMail account. While, there will be no data modification while performing this task, you can now single handedly migrate as many emails as required.