Export Contacts From Excel Using Mac Excel Contacts Converter

Recently, I got a new Mac device for professional use. For many years I used a Windows device. Now I want to import Excel tags into a Mac address book. Communication is a must in any relationship. There are a number of important business clients in an Excel spreadsheet stored on my Windows computer. So, is there any Mac excel contacts converter utility to import Excel clients into Apple’s address book? Suggest some solutions to convert Excel to Mac address.

Contacts are very essential for everyone, whether for personal or business purposes. We have received many queries about converting contacts from Excel to Mac. In this blog post, we have managed to give a complete and detailed solution to import Excel contacts to Mac address book. The Mac Excel contacts converter is a suitable solution for the above-mentioned query. It is a suitable tool to export Excel contacts. To import Excel contacts to Mac address book, there are some steps.

1. First, you have to export Excel contacts supported vCard files.
2. Once you get the vCard (VCF) file, manually transfer vCard from Windows PC to a Mac device. This can be done using some devices like pen-drive or any other external hard drive.
3. Now you have to import the vCard file into Mac Mail. With the help of this way, to can import Excel contacts to Mac address book.

Steps to Export Contacts Using Mac Excel Contacts Converter

Here, in this segment, we will disclose the instructions to export contacts to Mac address book. You just have to follow all the steps appropriately.

Step 1: Download and run the Mac Excel Contacts converter on your machine.

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Step 2: Then, click on the Add button to add Excel file contacts from the system.

Step 3: Now, navigate to the location where you need to save contacts Excel file and choose the desired file.

Step 4: Click on the Open button to proceed further.

Step 5: After browsing the file, the application will load it and display added Excel files in the software panel along with Selected File Path and File Size. After that, click on Next.

Step 6: Subsequently, in case you need to add more Excel files, then hit on the Add File(s) button again. Here, you have to opt for the preferred Excel and click on the Next button.

Important Note

Simply choose the file and hit on the Remove button if you need to delete the added Excel file from the application. Also, hit on All option for removing all the added Excel files in the utility.

Step 7: At last, you can choose any options from HTML, TXT, PDF, CSV, MSG, VCF in which you need to convert.

Noteworthy Features of Mac Excel Contacts Converter

1. Choose Required vCard Encoding: The Excel to Mac Contact Converter offers many vCard encoding options like Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-7, UTF-32, etc.

2. Create separate/single vCard files: The import utility for contacts from an Excel spreadsheet to Mac Mail allows you to convert Excel contacts into single or separate VCF files.

3. Save the files to the preferred destination path: gives you the utility to choose the save location for the newly exported file. So, here you can choose the destination path for the Excel file for the imported Apple contacts.

4. Windows OS compatibility: The program is compatible with all versions of Windows OS including the latest ones.

5. Mapping Excel and vCard fields: The Excel Contacts Import Tool to Mac has a feature mapping contact fields. Automatically gives all information to map Excel fields with vCard fields.

Final Words

In the article above, we demonstrated an effective application for importing Excel contacts into a Mac address book. An easy-to-use software solution named Mac excel contacts converter for converting Excel contacts to Apple address book. It has an interactive interface suitable for all types of users. You can try the DEMO version of the program to import Excel into available Mac contacts for free.