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Resolve IBM Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error With Multiple Solutions

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There are lots of emails and conversations saved in our mailbox. There is a lot of important ones that need to be saved in a good email platform. There can be bugs and issues that can appear in any new technology. There are various ways to resolve Lotus Notes File does not exist error. This is a common problem faced by many users who have complained about it. There are simple measures to solve it in a few simple steps. All the relevant details have been described in this post. It lists simple instructions have been laid down in a simple manner. Repeat them properly to avoid data loss.

Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist

Steps To Solve Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error

Here are the instructions to solve this critical issue and get back access to mailbox data. It has been mentioned according to reason and then an appropriate solution is provided. Read more to find all the information

Case#1 After a Recent Update

There can be because of some recent changes made to the back-end database. Some of the common issues for it are mentioned below:

  • There is a local replica of server copy that is being used. It can be the reason to solve Lotus Notes file does not exist issue.
  • It can be because of accidental deletion of the Notes storage data file, NSF. It is one of the prime reasons for this issue.
  • Often an antivirus software reads a message as corrupt and places the entire data file in quarantine. It plays a crucial role in deletion of temporary files.


  • Restart the IBM Notes client again to solve the Lotus Notes file does not exist error.
  • Set the antivirus to remove the data file from quarantine and avoid fixing it. This may corrupt underlying data stored within.
  • Remove any recent updates and check if the issue persists.

Case#2 During Archiving Emails in Lotus Notes

There are multiple reasons for the IBM Lotus Notes file does not exist issue. One of them is taking backup of complete database at once. It can be solved by taking the following measures:

  • First, launch the Lotus Notes client on the local machine
  • Then, go to File >> Database >> Properties >> Archive Settings.

Check if the file is missing or renamed. If the data file is removed or deleted, create the NSF file for backup or rename it in a different location.

Case#3 Miscellaneous Issues

There are more than one points that can lead to Lotus Notes file does not exist issue. This section explains all in brief and suggests appropriate resolutions:

  • Network issues can be a possible reason for this error to occur.
  • The data file may be placed on an external drive or local server which may not be accessible.
  • Trying to open an attachment of a message which is not there in the directory.


  • First, check all cables and connections. The adaptors may not be placed correctly. After that, restart the application to check if the IBM Lotus Notes file does not exist issue persists.
  • Remove any external storage and replace it if necessary. Then, click on the email to open it.
  • Check for the location of the directory and set the appropriate one through Settings.

The Best Way To Fix Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Issues

There are lots of bugs and issues with IBM platform. There are alternative techniques to resolve the issue. There are better services available which provide more features and is cost-effective. There is one such efficient, reliable and user-friendly product, NSF to PST Converter. It transfers data from the Notes Storage Facility to an Outlook data file(.pst) easily. It is a great way to save emails, contact and calendar items selectively. There are multiple options and features available which can make for a simpler export. The application can work on all available versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP or earlier ones.

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There is no telling when a problem may erupt on the email client. It can prevent users from working smoothly and prevent normal sending or receiving of emails. It halts all internal and external communication. There is a common issue Lotus Notes file does not exist. The instructions to properly resolve this issue have been mentioned in this post. There is a direct way to manually fix the problem and then there is an alternative way. Both methods have been discussed here. A user can choose the right solution according to their convenience.