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How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains? Manual Solutions

Published By Mohit Jha
Nimisha Ramesh
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Published On July 19th, 2022
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When files are created in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or users upload them to Google Drives then he or she has the control or can migrate Google Drive account. He becomes an authorized person who can change the ownership of that data, folder and assign to other users as well, the only encounter is those users should have an email address. In case a user has a huge pile of files and folders for ownership change purpose then, following the same procedure is not going to help. Transfer of ownership between different domains will also be a challenge for a user. They will encounter the following error message while trying to transfer Google Docs across domains:

How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains?

The procedure of transferring the ownership of Google Docs across the domains, is the biggest challenge for those, who are not aware of the right strategy to follow. A quick fix for such users is, Google Drive Migration tool.

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How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains? Make It Possible

There are three categories decided for Google Drive Users: Owner, Viewer, and Editor. However, editing can be done by several users, as well as many users can view the file shared on Google Drive. The owner is restricted to one user only. So the major query which users mostly have in their mind is, How to transfer Google docs across domains. We will make you aware of the strategies for changing the ownership, continue reading this write-up. But strategies have to be adopted as per the user’s requirement.

  1. Method for transferring Google Docs Ownership For the Same Domains
  2. Method for transferring Ownership of Google Docs across the Domains

Note: The solution varies according to the requirement. Google Docs

For those users who want to transfer ownership of single document within the Google Drive, Following steps are mentioned:

  • Choose Drive (Docs / Sheets / Slides) from the option given on the homepage
  • Next, choose the files or folder you want to change the ownership of and then press share icon appearing on the top
  • Under the Sharing box window, the Advanced button is available at the bottom right corner. Press that button and enter the email id of the person to invite In the Invite people section
  • Under the section “Who Has Access”, displayed just above the “Invite people”, section, choose ‘Is Owner’ from the drop-down list displayed next to the identity you want to transfer ownership to
  • Finally, press Done.

Method to Transfer Ownership of Google Drive Documents (Admin)

For an administrator, it is possible to transfer ownership of all the documents shared in Drive from one user to the other within the domain. This facility is quite helpful for those where the owner is about to leave the company and ownership needs to be transferred to the one who is assigned for the responsibility. For transferring the ownership following steps need to be executed.

  1. Admin has to Sign in using Google Admin console
  2. Now in the admin console dashboard choose Apps – > G Suite – > Drive and Docs
  3. Opt for Transfer Ownership
    Note: This option will appear only if Drive service privilege, as well as the Data Transfer privileges, are assigned
  4. Enter the Username of the current owner and choose the Respective Domain, in the From Field
  5. Fill the New Owner’s Username and choose the Respective Domain, in the To Field
  6. Hit the button Transfer Files.
  • The files will be added to the New Owner’s Drive. Folder name will be renamed according to the email address of the original owner.
  • If the Original Owner’s Account is still active and he has assigned the privilege to edit the files, then he or she still can modify the files.
  • A Confirmation Email will be sent to the Administrator, the new and old owners. It will give status if the transfer was successful or failed.

How to Transfer Google Docs Ownership Into Different Domains?

For making the transfer of ownership possible between the Google Docs, across the domain, follow these steps in a sequence:

  • Log in to the Google Account
  • Now, in a folder created in the same drive, move all the documents from the original Google Apps account
  • Then, click on Login > to the external account
  • Now, move this folder to ‘My Drive’.

Google Drive App needs to be downloaded on your hard drive, then you have to log in with the external account.

Note: In case of G Drive is already downloaded and connected with the previous account then, first you have to disconnect from there and log in again with the new account. Follow all steps carefully to easily transfer Google Docs across domains.

Next Step Will Be Sync Drive

  • The shared folder needs to be located and right-click on it. In the case of MAC, OS Duplicate will appear. But for Windows OS, first, copy and then after that Paste
  • After this Duplicate of the folder with users outside account (as an Owner) will be created
  • Once the New Folder is synched with Drive, check the Drive Folder here you can find that the ownership is being transferred. As replicated folder and it’s content’s owner will be shown under the users outside account.


For a common user transferring the ownership of Google Docs that too across the domains is a big task to do. Here, we have elaborated on the transfer of ownership of Google Docs within the same domain, as well as across the domains. If the user finds this manual way of transfer Google Docs across domains cumbersome then using recommended Google Drive Migration Software this task becomes easier to be followed. Moreover, even a novice can operate this tool and import Google Drive to another account without any hassle.