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Strategies to Move Google Photos to OneDrive

Published By Mohit Jha
Nimisha Ramesh
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Published On May 6th, 2024
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Many people want to move Google Photos to OneDrive for several reasons. The more surprising part is the rapid increase in such demand from the business arena. As the manual method is too clumsy for multi-user transfer we have an alternative too. But before all that let’s start by knowing a few things first.

Want to Transfer Google Photos to OneDrive First Find Out Why

Some of the major reasons why users wish they knew how to transfer Google Photos to Microsoft OneDrive.

Want to create a backup: In the modern age cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common. So relying on a single service to store all the precious memories and snapshots of past events is dangerous. One way to introduce redundancy is to have a backup in a different cloud-based storage.

Wish to free up storage for new photos: Cameras are the key selling point of all smartphones. The reason is simple people love to take photos. However, sometimes the amount of free storage is not enough. So to click new photos users have to get rid of the old. Instead of deleting those pics many choose to move them out to a new location like One Drive.

Move away from Google Account: Users may no longer wish to continue with Google services for some reason or the other. But they also don’t want to lose the precious photos that remind them of celebrations, festivals, gatherings, outings, trips, etc. There could also be a case where an upcoming project needs to be done inside the Microsoft 365 environment. Therefore it is in their best interest to move these images to their new cloud storage service.

Many more personal and professional reasons make users look for a method so let’s start with the most basic one first.

Precursor to Move Google Photos to OneDrive Via the Mobile App

  • Open the Google Photos app.
  • Select the photos you want to move.
    Note: If you select a single image, you can rename it midway through the transfer.
  • Press the Share icon.
  • Choose Google Drive as the destination.
  • In the “Save to Drive” screen, first rename the photo or continue with the same in the Document titles.
  • Choose a Google Workspace account from the dropdown.
  • Select a folder (Google Photos Backup).
  • Then, at the bottom right of your screen, press Save.

Smart Tips to Make This Transfer Successful

  • If you have OneDrive app on your mobile directly choose it instead of the Google Drive.
  • Make sure that the photos don’t breach the maximum storage available in Google Drive.
  • Use wifi instead of mobile data to transfer the images present inside Google Photos.
  • Make a separate folder on the Google Drive app to consolidate all newly arrived Photos.
  • Shift photos in batches instead of all at once to reduce the workload on the device.
  • Shut all background apps if possible keep your device in do-not-disturb mode.
  • Keep enough battery backup but don’t transfer pictures while charging.

Some Concerns Regarding this method to move Google Photos to OneDrive

  • Memories can’t be transferred outright. Instead, they are shared in the form of a link.
  • If not careful the transfer can quickly consume the daily or monthly data limit.
  • Depending on the amount it can be a severe drain on your battery.
  • Selecting OneDrive Directly has quite a few repercussions:
    • You can no longer rename even a single image before uploading.
    • OneDrive only allows a single account on a device thus limiting account selection options.
    • The image type you are trying to upload may not be supported inside OneDrive(eg HEIC).

Note: A large volume of uploads may not be feasible via mobile. So a desktop-based transfer is recommended.

Let’s see why moving photos via a PC is better than desktop transfer is better and how to achieve it.

How to Transfer Google Photos to Microsoft OneDrive Using a Computer

Using the Browser-based apps of OneDrive and Google Photos to directly move all image data is currently not possible.

Like the memory transfer limitation of the mobile app here too users only get an option to send a link instead.

Earlier Google Drive used to contain a separate folder for Google Photos data. However, Google removed this feature. Although they use the same total available space to store their data. Google wanted each application to be distinct and thus sell more storage space subscriptions.

One has to download the all Photos from the Google Photos web app and then Upload them on the OneDrive Account one by one.

This works fine for a one-time approach for moving Google Photos to OneDrive.

Repeating this entire process one user at a time is not how professionals should approach this task. There is the option to use Google Takeout like used during the download of gmails to the computer. In this case, select Google Photos instead of Gmail as the data source. Keep the rest of the steps the same.

Note: You can use Takeout to move Photos directly to OneDrive by selecting it as the destination. The catch is you get a zip file instead of the actual photos. Moreover, if your compressed data exceeds 2 GB then you get multiple zip files.

Moreover, as each user is responsible for conducting their own Takeout operation conflicts can start because of resource availability. Not to mention the unreliability of Google Takeout itself failures like limited tries, cooldown period, etc. That is why we have a modern remedy available for you.

Take Professional Assistance and Move the Images

The Google Drive to OneDrive Migration utility is the tool that gets the job done in no time. With an intuitive UI and specialized algorithms, it is the best option for all data transfer needs. So it has no problem assisting the movement of photos from Google onto Office 365’s cloud storage.

Note: Before deploying this tool, please be sure that all the images that are to be transferred are inside Google Drive and not Google Photos.
Also, make sure the person attempting the transfer has access to the admin credentials.

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Once the data is available inside the cloud storage version of Google Photos (Workspace Version) for all users. It works similarly to its sister tool, the one used to import Google Drive to another account. Simply continue with these steps at your convenience.

Step 1. Open the software on your desktop. Select G Suite (for Photos that you moved to the Google Drive of your Google Workspace account) and Office 365 (for OneDrive for Business account) as the source and destination respectively.
Start screen

Step 2. Scroll to the Workload Selection screen, pick only Documents as the option to move Google Photos to OneDrive, and apply the Date Filter if required.

Step 3. Use the Admin Credentials to Validate the Source side of Google Drive. Then press Next.

Step 4. Likewise, perform a similar Validation process for the target Office 365(OneDrive) as well.
Office 365 as destination

Step 5. Use any one of the available mapping methods that is Fetch Users, Import Users, or Download Template . This is to link users between endpoints.

Step 6. In the preview column verify the User list, make adequate selections, assign priority, Validate your selection, and press the Start button.
Begin Migration

After this, the tool will automatically complete the rest of the process. Now that we have explored the step-by-step process of the professional utility let’s look at why to use it at all.

Why Make this Tool a Part of Your Image Transfer Routine

Inside professional scenarios, there are a lot of hidden parameters that need to be taken care of. That’s where this tool helps you out.

  • User-level selection, pick and choose the exact user whose data you want to move into OneDrive for business account.
  • Use the Retry feature to bring the items that were missed during the first pass.
  • Apply the delta feature to move all newly arrived items from the source.
  • Make a timeline selection to transfer image format between two specific dates.
  • Map users in any one of three ways available inside the tool.


Inside this write-up, users found a variety of ways in which they can move Google Photos to OneDrive. From mobile apps to manual upload and Google Takeout none is suitable for the bulk transfer of pictures. By bulk transfer, we mean shifting Google memories of multiple users at once. So for that, there is only one recommendation and that is the automated utility discussed earlier.



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