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Quick Technique to Import Google Drive to Another Account

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Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the easy-to-use cloud service provided by Google for the purpose of file storage and synchronization. In every Google account, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free space for its users which can be further expanded with a different subscription plan. The storage is shared among Gmail, Google Photos, Google+, and Google Drive. It enables the users to store, view, share or edit presentations, spreadsheets, etc, and helps to access the files. It also provides the provision to invite others in order to view, download, and coordinate the files. Also, the option to import Google Drive to another account.

Google Drive is basically used to take backup of important data in the cloud. When a user runs out of space, the files can be transferred to another account. Most of the users have more than one Google Drive account, but Google does not provide an easy way to transfer the files. Hence, it is advised to rely on a workaround to transfer files to another account. Focussing on this point, this blog describes the reasons and approaches to import Google Drive to another account.

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Reasons to Import Google Drive to Another Account

  1. Restricted free storage space: It is known that for each Google account, a user can avail of 15 GB of free storage space. This space is shared between Gmail, Google+, and Google Drive. Due to this, restricted storage size, most of the users are creating more than one account. This helps to generate more storage space and thus becomes unavoidable to import Google Drive to another account drive.
  2. Migrating Google account from one domain to another: There comes a need to change the domain at some point in time. It generally occurs when user graduates from school/college, Job change, etc. Hence, it becomes a reason to import Google Drive to another account drive.

Important Factors before Performing a Bulk Migration

  • If something goes wrong then be prepared to lose the formatting of the data. If the file is not formatted as Google Docs, the formatting will be turned off while converting to a Google doc format during the transition.
  • As there is no such reliable process which can import Google Drive to another account. Hence, do not waste time in looking out for a free automated tool which can execute the migration.
  • Lastly, if there is a need to share files with others then make sure to write the sharing and permission settings manually. Then, re-assign them once the transition is made.

Limitations of Manual Approach

  • Takes more time due to its lengthy steps to import Google Drive to another account
  • Technical support and guidance is required while implementing the migration process
  • Difficult to monitor the entire process of migration without any data loss

Automated Solution to Import Google Drive to Another Account

There arise always some issue while performing manually, hence it is not at all a reliable method. Due to its various shortcomings which are discussed above, it is advised to use a professional tool such as Google Drive Migration tool. It is an efficient and reliable software to import Google drive to another account drive. This tool does not require any technical expertise or technical knowledge to transfer Google Drive files to another drive. This tool executes the process in a very short period of time by simply providing the source and destination drive address and validating them.

Features of Google Drive Migration Software

There are various features of this tool, some of them are listed below:

  • Allows transferring data from one Google Drive to another account
  • Maintains on-disk folder hierarchy after the migration is done
  • Generates a file transfer report in CSV format for future reference
  • Provides an option for Migration Settings and Apply Date Filter
  • Works on all latest versions of Windows PC v 10 and below
  • Provides an option to pause/resume and stop while transferring the files


To import Google Drive to another account is anyhow a time-consuming process. Though the manual method can be used, it is not a reliable approach. Hence, it is advised to use the Google Drive Migration tool which is an automated tool. It allows transferring all files from one Google Drive to another domain. In addition, it also allows us to move deleted or shared files without any loss of data.