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Transfer Files from One Google Drive to Another Google Account Efficiently

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  • Allows to Move all Files from One Google Drive to Another Domain
  • Export Unlimited Data to New Domain or Account without any Changes
  • Transfers Shared and Deleted Files by Keeping Permissions Intact
  • Migrate Google Drive to New Account using Pause, Resume & Stop
  • Delta Migration, in case of re-migration of data to trasfer appended files
  • Provision to Keep Folder Hierarchy Intact in the Output
  • Option to choose the Migration Settings & Apply Date Filter
  • Generates a Complete Report of the File Transfer in CSV Format
  • Works with both Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

Noteworthy Features of Google Drive Migration Tool

Best Functionalities to Transfer G Drive Folders to Another Account

Export Complete G Drive Data

Google Drive to Another Account

Google Drive Migrator is capable enough to move data from one Google Drive to another account easily. It allows migrating all items like PDFs, photos, videos, etc., preserved in Google Drive. Afterwards, in the destination drive, it can save the exported data with the present date of migration. It also supports the incremental type of conversion while transferring files from Google Drive to the new account.

Note: The tool is completely capable of migrating Google Drive to another account in the first run.

Incremental Migration

Customize the Migration Procedure

The Google Drive migration tool offers 4 different options to customize the migration process. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Migrate Permissions: If users want, then they can transfer all given permissions, including read, write, comment while exporting Google Drive to new drive.
  • Move Deleted Items: With this option, users can migrate all deleted items to a new account. It does not preserve the folder hierarchy and moves the entire data to on file.
  • Export Shared Files: Using this alternative, users can get access to the shared data. The tool can customize itself and save it to a specific folder.
  • Retain Folder Hierarchy: It provides an option to keep the folder hierarchy intact as an original after you migrate Google Drive storage to new account.

date based migration

Date-range Filter to Migrate G Drive

In order to move files between Google Drive accounts within a specific date range, users can go for date filter option provided by the G Drive Migration tool. Users can specify the date range in 'To' and 'From' the field, the software can transfer, only that specified items from one Google Drive to another domain that falls under a particular date range. However, keep in mind that the tool only supports two types of date filter like date on which a separate file is created and date on which file has been uploaded.

Date Filter

Pause & Resume, Stop Feature

As the export process begins, the Google Drive migration tool will show an on-going progress report on the current screen. But if users want, then they can pause or resume the entire process in between in case of interruption. Further, users can also stop this process in between. In that case, only data files that were migrated before tapping the stop icon will be moved.

Folder Hierarchy

Google Drive Folder Hierarchy

Another advantage of using this Google Drive Migrator software is that this software is smart enough to maintain the folder structure during and after the export process. The files are exported on the same level, so that users can access their data after migration.

Generate Report

Generated Migration Report

As the migration completed successfully, the application generates a complete report of transferred items. It includes the information like G Drive id, OneDrive id, no. of document, duration, and status. However, if a user wants, then he or she can save the file in CSV format on the local machine for future reference.

Google Drive Migrator Software – Specifications
Free Download of Google Drive Files Migrator

Software Download

Size: 86.3 MB

Version: 5.7.0

Trial Limitations

Demo Version of Google Drive Migrator Software will transfer complete data of 2 user accounts only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
5 GB of free hard disk space required

8 GB of RAM is Recommended

2.2 GHz processor

Application Pre-Requisites

  • Destination User(s) should be created at destination Admin account.
  • Enter Service Account Client & Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Windows
Windows Server 2012, 2016, Windows 10.




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Google Drive Migration Tool Features
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Features Free Version Full Version
Add Admin / Individual User
Apply Date Filter Option
Provides Pause & Resume Option
Compatible with Windows and Linux
Preserves Folder Structure
Export Entire Google Drive 2 User Account
Cost FREE $25
Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How Can I transfer files from one Google Drive account to another Google Drive account?

G Drive Migrator

Just follow the mentioned steps sequentially:

  • Step 1: Install & Run the tool to transfer files from G Drive account.
  • Step 2: Fill in the Admin Email and Service Account details of G Suite as a Source.
  • Step 3: Now, similarly fill in G Suite as the destination details
  • Step 4: Fetch users from the source account and begin migration.
Yes, Of Course, Google Drive Migration tool allows to add many user IDs at once to migrate folder from one Google Drive to another Google Drive account using Add CSV option provided by this software.
Yes, it is required to add scope while exporting Google Drive using Admin account. Else, it will not check the Admin Account ID and users will not be able to transfer Google Drive files to the new drive.
Yes, this software permits to transfer Google keep to new account in .docs format including the attachments.
Yes, Of Course, you can migrate files between Google Drive accounts within a certain date range. This utility will help you to migrate data for that month that you want.
Yes, this Google Drive Migration tool allows to pause or resume the whole process in between in case of any interruption.
Yes, the Google Drive Migration Tool offer to migrate deleted items option, with this feature users can transfer further deleted items to current account. It does not retain the folder hierarchy and migrate all items to a single file.
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