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How to Access .pst File From Multiple Computers – Easy & Quick Solution

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Published On May 24th, 2024
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In this technical guide, we will discuss all the possible solutions to access .pst files from multiple computers without losing any data information. Read this blog carefully.

Microsoft Outlook is an eminently utilized email client across the universe. Users prefer this due to its enriched functionalities. It stores a large amount of user data like emails, journals, tasks, etc. Mainly, Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2013 store its complete data in the PST file format. But often users are required to access Outlook PST from several computers.

In these circumstances, users start searching for an efficient solution to resolve their issues. So, we considered this issue and came up with this comprehensive article, to let you know about the smart solution for how to explore PST files from multiple computers. Hence, to know more about this, simply go thoroughly to the complete blog. Get a quick look:

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How to Access .pst File From Multiple Computers Manually?

Below here, we are going to disclose the manual way to resolve an issue properly. To perform the method, users can utilize OST files, which are offline editions of the PST file. Otherwise, users can copy a PST file and utilize the copies on several computers.

So, if you want to execute this approach, you have to repeat it to keep the PST copies synchronized. To do so, we have mentioned the steps below. You have to follow all the instructions adequately, to implement the process. Let’s get started to Analyze.pst files on Multiple Computers:

Workaround #1: Synchronized Offline Versions of PST Files

  1. Initially, choose Tools and E-mail Accounts. Then, you have to select View or change existing mail accounts. Hit a click on the Next option
  2. Now, hit on the Microsoft Exchange Server utility and click on Change
  3. Then, choose More Settings and Advanced tab. Now, you have to choose the Offline Folder File Settings option
  4. Here, input the path to where you require your Offline file in the File field and hit OK. This will automatically set up your Offline file
  5. Lastly, choose the Tools option and then Send/Receive. After that, select Send/Receive All to synchronize your OST file with the server appropriately.

Workaround #2: Synchronize and Copy The PST Files

  1. First of all, hit on File and then New >> Outlook Data File option
  2. Then, click on the Office Outlook Personal Folders File ‘PST’ and hit OK
  3. Now, add a name for the precise file in the field of Create or Outlook Data File. Afterwards, click on Open
  4. Here, you have to input a name that will be seen in the Display Name field and hit OK
  5. Subsequently, you have to copy the new PST file to a network destination or disk
  6. Hit a click on File and then the Import And Export option to proceed further
  7. Choose Import from another program or file option and hit on Next
  8. Choose PST as an option and click on the Next
  9. Alternatively, browse to the personal storage table ‘PST’ file which you have stored in steps 5 and hit on Next button
  10. Ultimately, click Finish and all of your PST files will be copied. Now, you can repeat as required to synchronize the data between multiple computers.

Limitation of Manual Method

In this section, users are going to learn about the limitations of the manual solution we have provided users above. So users can select the right and safest solution to manage their PST files with ease.

  1. PST files are related to individual Outlook profiles, and accessing them from another PC requires configuring the email application to recognize the PST file.
  2. If the PST file is password-protected, accessing it from another system requires entering the password. For safety reasons, this protection can be a trouble for simple access.
  3. PST files can be large, and manual solutions like copying them via USB drive devices may be time-consuming and full of risk of errors.
  4. Accessing PST files kept on network drives necessitates proper network permissions. Network problems can be an issue with successful file access.
  5. Manual solutions lack automation, making them error-prone, especially when dealing with several PST file transfers.

Overcome The Limitation of the Manual Method to Access PST Files from Multiple Computers

Mainly, the above-stated manual solution has some limitations. So, in this circumstance, it is better to go with an alternative technique which is named FreeViewer PST Viewer. This utility comes with improved features which makes it unique and efficient in comparison to others.

It can resolve this common issue such as how to explore PST files from another computer without any hindrance. Though, with the help of this free PST viewer utility, you can easily analyse Outlook PST emails with their associated files precisely.

So, if you need to access files on multiple computers, you can install this application on your Windows desktop. You can download it on any system because it does not integrate with any compatibility issues to open PST files without Outlook. It extensively supports all enriched and below editions of the Windows OS. Despite this, it also consists of some more amazing features which we will be going to reveal in the upcoming segment. Let’s have a look:

Advanced Features to Analyze PST Files from Another Computer

  • Offers a complete preview of PST emails together with attachments
  • Facilitates to view and read Outlook PST emails effectively
  • The tool permits Hex or PST forensic analysis on the needed file
  • Easily view corrupted or damaged MS Outlook PST
  • You can analyse PST files from another computer by using multiple preview options

Quick Steps to Access.pst Files on Multiple PCs

  1. Initially, launch and run the proficient utility into your system
  2. Now, you have to provide the file path to access the preferred PST file
  3. Here, the utility starts to read PST file emails with attachments
  4. Finally, you can analyze Outlook PST files successfully.


Observational Verdict

In this write-up, we emphasized the reliable technique to resolve the issue, such as accessing a .pst file from multiple computers. However, the manual method has some limitations. So, it is highly suggested to go with an automated approach. Conclusively, the choice is yours. But take the decision wisely because a wrong decision can worsen the scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1: Is it possible to Analyse the .pst file on multiple computers by using a manual solution?

Ans. Yes, you can easily access files on Multiple computers using the above-explained manual solution.

Q 2: How do I access my PST file from another PC?

Ans. By using the above solutions you can easily access.pst files from another PC without losing any data. Users can choose a professional solution to overcome the limitations of manual methods.

Q 3: How to share Outlook PST with multiple users?

Configure Outlook for multiple accounts.

Ans. Select “Account Settings” and select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu. In the Account Settings window, go to the Data Files tab & Hit Add. Select the existing PST file where users want to add a second account or create a new PST file.



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