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The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable in Outlook 2010 IMAP Account [Troubleshoot]

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Due to its advanced features and plugins, Microsoft Outlook is the most recommended email client and email management tool. Like all other tools, this application has many problems and sometimes you get error messages. A common issue currently facing by Outlook 2010 IMAP account users is “The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable”.

The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable in Outlook

This issue of not being able to use the Deleted Items folder is common among Microsoft Outlook IMAP account users.

Methods to Make Outlook 2010 Deleted Items Folder Available

You may need to manually assign or create the correct folder for the Outlook Deleted Items folder to be available. Below are some tested manual methods described to resolve the Outlook missing folders issue.

Method 1. Subscribe Option for IMAP Account Deleted Folder

If you cannot find the Deleted Items folder in Outlook 2010, it means that the user is not subscribed. Follow these steps to view and access all the folders available in your IMAP account:

  • Navigate to your Outlook IMAP Account and Select your Inbox
  • Right-click on Inbox Folder and Select IMAP Folders option

Outlook IMAP Folders

  • In IMAP Folders dialog box, Click Query >> Select Deleted Items >> Click Subscribe

Subscribe for The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable Issue

  • To confirm that you have successfully subscribed to the Deleted Items folder, check the folders on the Subscribed tab.

Method 2. Create IMAP Account Deleted Items Folders Manually

If the previous method did not resolve the issue, the only option left was to manually create the missing Outlook 2010 Deleted Items folder. Follow the steps below:

  • Open your Outlook IMAP Account and Go to Folder tab then click on New Folder option

Outlook 2010 IMAP Account Folder

  • Assign a name of the new folder as “Deleted Items” then click OK

New Folder: Deleted Items

  • You may then need to follow the instructions in Method 1 to subscribe to the newly created Deleted Items folder.

Method 3. Recover Microsoft Outlook 2010 Damaged OST File

If you try both of the above methods and you still can’t recover the items in your Deleted Items folder, your OST file may be corrupted. In these cases, you should rely only on trusted and tested tool. OST File Recovery is one such professional software that will help you in these situations.

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Summing Up

We talked about the top three ways to troubleshoot the error The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable in Outlook 2010 IMAP Account. Explained how to create a new Deleted Items folder and subscribe to the Deleted Items folder in this blog. Even if you access the Deleted Items folder, the items in the Deleted folder may not be there. Therefore, in such a bad situation, you can always rely on an OST Recovery tool.