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Top 2 Methods for Google Vault to Office 365 Migration

Published By Mohit Jha
Nimisha Ramesh
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Published On January 10th, 2024
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Overview: Google Vault is the archive solution for Google Workspace users. But while expanding the business, Office 365 is the first choice to handle the large data. That’s why this write-up shows you how to perform Google Vault to Office 365 migration with different solutions.

The Google Vault is not included in the Google Workspace bundle. It needs to be added to the bundle to archive no longer required data. Basically, in large businesses, Office 365 is widely used to run their workflow seamlessly.

Due to this, large organizations are moving to Office 365 by leaving the services of Google Workspace. You can move data from Google Vault to Office 365 using manual and professional methods. But before getting into the solution, you should know the benefits of O365 to enhance the business workflow.

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Why Migrate from Google Vault to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 offers different apps to make the organization’s workflow easier. But apart from that, there are more reasons to migrate from Google Vault to Office 365. Let’s elaborate on some of the key reasons.

  • The O365 provides apps that can be easily integrated with other third-party applications and enhance collaboration.
  • Because of the regular updates to improve the security of Office 365, there are new advanced algorithms that maintain data security from upcoming threats.
  • The expenses are the key factor in the organization’s growth. Office 365 is an affordable plan to fulfill all of the requirements of the organization.
  • Provides a centralized location to store all data which reduces the access time to search the specified data for the admins.

Microsoft provides different plans, you can get the plan as per the requirement. All of the plans have some advanced apps so that the users can select the appropriate plan.

You can also perform Office 365 to Office 365 migration whenever required. So, all of these are the key reasons for Google Vault migration to Office 365. Now, explain the solution to perform the migration process.

Perform Google Vault to Office 365 Migration

To shift from Google Vault to Office 365, there are two ways one is by using the eDiscovery tool and another is by using the expert recommended automated tool. The manual solution using the eDiscovery tool is not recommended by the experts because of its limitations. Let’s elaborate on the manual solution with its limitations first.

Migration from Google Vault to Microsoft 365 Manually

In the manual approach, you need to follow two steps. One is for Google Vault email export to the PST or MBOX file. Later, you need to upload those files to the Office 365 destination account.

Step 1. Save Exported Data into PST/MBOX File

1. After login to the Gmail account go to https://ediscovery.google.com/ site.
2. Click on the Create button in the Google Vault.
3. Specify an appropriate name and description for the matter and hit the Create New Matter button.
4. Create Hold by filling in the details.
5. Hit on the option of Search and select

  • All Data, Mail, and specific accounts.
  • Enter the source email address.
  • Complete the details such as the Date and select Exclude drafts.

6. Click on the Export button enter the name of the export, and choose the format of the resulting file either PST or MBOX.
7. Now, press Start Export.

Note: The tool generates a warning, that you should download the exported data as soon as possible. Because after 15 days the data will not be downloaded and you need to start the Google Vault migration to Office 365 process again.

8. Click on the Download button, after the process is completed.

Step 2. Upload PST/MBOX file to Destination Office 365 Account

Now, after executing the first step, it’s time to move further in the Google Vault to Office 365 migration process. Here two possibilities are generated. One is for PST and the other is for MBOX. Let’s see what to do next in the Google Vault to Microsoft 365 migration process.

Possibility 1. The resulting file is PST –

If you have selected the PST file for saving the exported data from the Google Vault. Then, you should use the Office 365 Importer tool to import PST to Office 365. This is an automated tool that is well-versed in the process of importing PST files to the destination Office 365 account. It has an interactive dashboard to track the whole process.

All of the steps to run the tool are simple. As a result, you do not need to be good at the technicalities of Google Vault and Office 365. You can also examine the complete process after the completion of the process by the generated summary report. All of the data is secured in between the processes.

Possibility 2. The Download File in the MBOX file format –

If your downloaded file is in the MBOX file format. Then you should use the MBOX to Office 365 migrator for Google Vault to Office 365 migration. This is an automated tool used to migrate MBOX to Office 365 in a hassle-free manner. By using this tool, your data hierarchy remains the same.

You do not require the admin credentials to operate this tool. This tool makes the process simpler. It also generates the report after the process ends.

This is all about the manual method. It is a time-consuming process because it requires many steps. Sometimes you may face Google Vault export stuck at 95. To execute the manual method, you also need to be good at Google Vault & Office 365 technicalities.

As it is a manual solution, you require an automated tool as well to complete the process. Let’s move to the expert’s recommended solution to complete the process without hassle.

Google Vault to Microsoft 365 Migration According to Experts’ Advice

The best way to perform Google Vault to Office 365 migration is by using the Office 365 migration tool. The process becomes simple and efficient by using this tool. This tool is able to complete the process with some quick steps. This makes sure that your data is protected in the process. There is no loss of data by using this tool. It also has some advanced features which are

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  • Smart Date filter for selecting the required data.
  • Re-Run, Retry, and Delta migration options.
  • Provides a complete report when the process is completed.
  • Able to set the account priority if needed.

Google Vault Migration to Office 365 Step-By-Step

Step 1. Download the tool, Select Google Vault for Source and Office 365 as the destination.

SysTools Migrator

Step 2. Select the option of Emails, apply data range, and hit Next.

workload screen

Step 3. Complete the Source credentials and hit Next.

Source screen

Step 4. Enter the destination details and move to Next.


Step 5. Insert all of the users into the tool, using Fetch, Import, and Download options.

Office 365 as destination

Step 6. Finally, click on the Start Migration button to start the Google Vault to Microsoft 365 migration process.

Begin Migration

The Final Verdict

Office 365 is widely used in large organizations to improve their business. Therefore, there is a requirement to perform Google Vault to Office 365 migration. That’s why here we have explained the complete process with the two methods. The manual method has some shortcomings due to which it is not recommended to use. The experts recommend the automated tool to complete the process efficiently.