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Free Software to Split PDF Files – Multiple Ways Explained

Raj | Published: January 11th, 2023 | 4 Minutes Reading

Companies from a variety of industries view PDFs as standard documents. For a variety of reasons, such as delivering smaller files or eliminating specific pieces of content, people who develop marketing materials, paperwork, advertisements, and many other textual and visual materials may need to split their documents. You can be more prepared if you know how to separate PDFs by using free software to split PDF files and how users might accomplish this on various devices.

So, through this post, we discuss an offline tool which can help to divide PDF into separate files, also, their features and facilities have been mentioned which provide a quick and easy experience.

Split PDF Documents Into Multiple Files Using the Offline Tool

You might occasionally only need a part or a few pages from a PDF rather than the whole thing. These are the instances when you search for a tool that can cut out unnecessary PDF portions. A PDF File Splitter Tool can be used.  With this tool, one can easily separate the documents into the appropriate sizes. Apart from that, the PDF Merger also comes under the same tool which helps to merge two different PDF files.

Users can use the free software to split PDF files. A demo version of the software that has a file size limitation. You can try out the utility and know how exactly it works, based on satisfaction you can get the paid version which avails all the functions to use.

Features That Help Users to Split PDF Into Multiple Files

Here are the Key features and functionalities which make this software outshining.

  • Supports batch processing to quickly split PDF files.
  • Multiple/large files can be inserted at the same time.
  • Enables 6 different ways to divide PDF into separate files which involves Page Number & Range.
  • Provides the option to split PDF files by size (MB).
  • While splitting, it maintains the formatting and keeps attachments.
  • Does not Impose any File Size limits to separate.
  • Capable of separating PDF files which are restrictedHighlighted feature.
  • The tool comes with the option to Skip Attachments from the resultant PDF files.
  • The software can be used to split PDF documents into multiple files in Windows and Mac OS.

Now let’s head towards the working of the Software to get an idea of how to use it. The user gets basic features when using the Trial version to split PDF files for free. On purchasing the full version, all the included features will be enabled to use.

Tool Steps of the Free Software to Split PDF Files Offline

  • Download and run the tool to split PDF into multiple files.

free software to split PDF files

  • Then, mark the Split option and use ‘Add File(s)’ or ‘Add Folder(s)’ to insert PDF files to divide them.

adding PDF files

  • Then, use the Split option to Split by PageRange, Even/Odd Pages, By Size (MB), Each Page etc.

applying the split option settings

  • For saving the results, press the Change button to set the path and save.

settting location to save

  • Finally, press the Split button to separate using the free software to split PDF files.

free software to split PDF files

Some Conventional Methods Available to Split PDF into multiple files

The above-mentioned solution is useful for those who are dealing with large and multiple files which are in secured mode. Other than this, if the user has small files or unlocked/normal files then the below-mentioned techniques can be used to divide PDF into separate files.

  1. Free software to Split PDF Files – Users can search for free online PDF splitter websites which instantly split PDF files for free. However, they have certain limitations like File size and do not support secured PDF files to split. Limitations may vary depending on the various tools.
  2. Using Google Chrome – This will be the shortest and simple method. Here user will need to open the PDF file with Chrome and press Print>Save as PDF and then select the range to save. And selected pages will be saved in a new PDF file.
  3. Using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro Application(Monthly/Yearly Subscription Based Software) – Another method could be by using Adobe Acrobat which provides the option to split PDF documents into multiple files. But being a costly application this solution is not suggested to a basic PDF file user.

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With the help of this informative post, we have explained an offline solution to split PDF into multiple files. When dealing with large or multiple PDF documents, using reliable software is an ideal solution which we have mentioned above with the tool working. Apart from that, we have discussed some free software to split PDF files