How to Fix When Email Message Body is Blank in Outlook 2016?

Admin | April 4th, 2019 | Outlook

In recent times, most of the Outlook users have raised concerns that Outlook application is sending blank emails, which is moreover increasing the size of the PST file. However, this issue is not only faced by senders but also the user who receives the same blank emails in his/her Outlook profile. Due to these blank emails, Outlook users end up facing troublesome time, which may disturb one’s work to a greater extent. If you are facing similar such instance, then explore this write-up to the fullest where we will elaborate cost-effective solutions to troubleshoot when an email message body is blank in Outlook email application.

Be aware of the different causes, which leads to the occurrence of this issue!

Know the Causes of Outlook Blank Email Message Issue

  • Due to Incompatible Add-Ins in Microsoft Outlook
  • In Case of Damaged or Corrupted Outlook Data File
  • Font Color, Which is been Set for Plain Text Messages
  • If the Hardware Graphics Acceleration is Enabled

Manual Techniques to Fix Email Message Body is Blank in Outlook 2013

Approach #1: Verify the Font Color Set for Plain Text Messages

At times, the Outlook’s email message body goes blank only when the emails are received in plain text format. Therefore, it might be due to the font color set for “Composing and reading plain text messages”, which is White.

  • Launch Outlook application and double-click on the email message, which is blank
  • Now, go to File >> Options >> Mail and click Stationery and Fonts button in order to open Signatures and Stationery wizard
  • After that, under Composing and reading plain text messages, select the Font button in which a new window will be displayed
  • Now, navigate to the Font color option and verify whether it is selected as Automatic
  • Under the drop-down list, which is next to Automatic, make sure that black color is selected
  • After this, restart the application and check whether the issue still persists. If not resolved, then go for the next method

Approach #2: Outlook Blank Email Error Update

The issue Email message body is blank in Outlook 2016 may occur when the add-ins affect the Send to Mail Recipient functionality and MAPI Integration. Therefore, the MS Update may help to fix this error.

  • Firstly, open Outlook from your system and select the File option
  • After that, choose your Account and select the Update option
  • Now, click the Update Now button to resolve email message body is blank in Outlook
  • One the update is completed, check if Outlook is still sending the blank emails

Still hovering to fix this issue? Do not worry as you can adopt the following method to completely troubleshoot the error!

PST Repair Tool – A Complete Solution to Fix All PST File Issues

Even after following the above techniques, if you are still encountering the same Email message body is blank in Outlook error. Then, it is suggested to avail a reliable third-party tool like PST Repair Software. This utility lets users to troubleshoot all kinds of PST issues in a hassle-free way. After repairing the different issues associated with the PST file, it also allows users to export the recovered file to PST format. So, simply import the recovered PST file to the Outlook profile to fix when body text of Outlook emails goes fully blank. This tool can efficiently work even on encrypted or damaged PST file. Moreover, it is a standalone software, which does not require the installation of Outlook application on the system.

How Does the Tool Operate to Troubleshoot Email message body is blank in Outlook 2016 Issue?

1. Download and launch PST Repair software on the system and upload the PST file

Email Message Body is Blank in Outlook

2. One the PST file is successfully added, it generates an instant preview of all PST data along with the attachments

Explore PST File

3. It fixes all the issues and the recovered emails or any data can be previewed in red color

Repair PST File

4. Now, export selected or entire data to PST file format to import the newly fixed PST file to the Outlook application

Create New PST

Bringing It Altogether

Nowadays, most of the users prefer using Outlook email application, just because of delivering wide-range of features. Often times, Outlook users get panic after knowing that the email message body is blank in Outlook 2016. This blog states the best resolving techniques, which one can follow to fix such instances. However, if the native method fails, then simply adopt the proven automated solution to instantly resolve such circumstance.