Try This Solution if You Cannot Rebuild Outlook 2011 Database Mac

Summary: Having trouble accessing Microsoft Outlook on Mac OS? Is your database corrupted and hindering your workflow? Are you trying to use Microsoft Database Utility, but you cannot rebuild Outlook 2011 Mac database? If you are facing these problems, then you are in the right place where this article will solve all these problems.

Users with the first-hand experience with Outlook for Mac should now know the role of identity. In Mac Outlook, identity is used to store email messages, account settings, and some other important data in it. Any minor corruption issues are addressed by the Microsoft Database Utility that is installed at the time of installing Office.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for users to access their identity, especially when reinstalling Outlook for Mac 2011. Due to this, users cannot access emails or other important information related to Outlook. Therefore, users try to rebuild the identity of Outlook 2011 Mac and solve the problem of inaccessibility. But sometimes Microsoft Database Utility cannot rebuild Outlook 2011 Mac database.

Cannot Rebuild Outlook 2011 Database Mac? Give This Solution a Try

When a user begins to experience corruption problems while using Outlook for Mac OS, it makes email communication extremely difficult. They cannot send and receive emails and calendar events if there is a database error. In this case, users try to use the Microsoft Database Utility for Mac OS, which helps them fix any corruption problem.

However, this is not a 100% reliable and guaranteed solution as some users may experience corruption even after using the utility provided by Microsoft. So, to solve this problem, we came up with a solution, which is the Outlook Mac Recovery Software.

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This is the best program if Microsoft Database Utility keeps rebuilding and cannot remove corruption from the database. The app has many features and a simple graphic interface that makes the whole task simple and extremely complicated. Let us see some of the most notable ones:

1. Deep Level Recovery – You can automatically discover and locate the profiles created in the email application in its original location. Additionally, users can manually scan OLK files and perform recovery while keeping all data intact. That’s why experts recommend this app when Microsoft cannot rebuild Outlook 2011 database Mac.

2. Multiple Export Options – After scanning a file, users can choose one or more folders or all data folders for the export job. Moreover, the tool provides 10 file formats for storing recovered data from Mac Outlook on the local system. Multiple file formats provided by this app include PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, EMLX, PDF and other formats. Moreover, the output files can be accessed in their own applications.

3. Export Contacts & Calendar Individually – With this utility, you can easily repair contacts and calendar entries for Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011, or Mac Office 365 profiles and export them in vCard and ICS file respectively. At the same time, you can manually search for OLK calendar and contact files and recover data in their formats.

4. Maintain Folder Hierarchy – During the export task, the utility will perform recovery and ensure that the folder structure of the original folder is preserved as it was before the export task. Users only need to select the ‘Maintain Folder Hierarchy‘ checkbox. With this option, users receive the same folder structure in the created files.

Final Words

Most users encounter an issue with Mac Outlook when they cannot rebuild Outlook 2011 Mac database. Because of this problem, many users find it difficult to access Mac Outlook data. Therefore, to help all users, we have a third-party app to rebuild the main Mac identity for Outlook 2011. It is the best alternative to Microsoft Database Utility and it is trusted and recommended by many experts.