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Perfect Way to Backup Office 365 Mailbox Without Outlook Step by Step

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On May 2nd, 2023
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Emails are the most essential part of all the data no matter if you are a user of Office 365 or G Suite. Backing up the crucial data should be a habit, every user must acquire since there is no 100% assurance of keeping our data secured and protected from any forthcoming mishap or getting any kind of ransomware attacks, hacking attempts, file corruption, data loss, etc.

PST” is the ideal format for keeping backups, since it comes with the power of keeping not just emails, but contacts, calendars, tasks, and whatnot! For that purpose, we need to export the emails of Office 365 to Outlook. The methods to backup Office 365 mailboxes without Outlook are explained in the further section.

Even after taking every possible caution, we still need a robust backup solution that is going to guard our precious data. Even manual backup techniques fail when it comes to backup a huge mailbox for Office 365, as it takes forever to backup all the emails one by one, also there is no inbuilt option in Office 365 that provides the facility to backup multiple emails at once.

“Now, consider you have a giant Office 365 mailbox with around 10k emails and other data. You are in an immediate need to backup your data, as you feel the urge to move from your organization or are traveling for a long long time. What is the way to help?”

Let’s find out! But first, let’s take a look at the importance of backups.

Why Backing Up Office 365 Mailbox is Important?

One of the most neglected practices seen in maximum IT organizations is “backing up” their data. No matter how protective they are with their data or how securely they handle the data, the case of file corruption, accidental data loss, any external attack on data, and threats like this directly harm our data and lead us towards permanent data loss.

Now the question arises, How often should we take the backup of Office 365 mailbox? Depending upon the frequency of your engagement with Office 365, backups vary. If you are a regular user, you must take a copy of your data every day. Or at least have a weekly backup of your data.

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Best Way to Backup Office 365 Mailbox without Outlook

Let’s look out for manual and automated solutions for backing up the Office 365 mailbox, and find out which solution is best suited for you!

The Manual Approach to Backup Office 365 Emails without Outlook

Here is the manual method to backup Office 365 mailbox emails. Below are all the steps shown:

  1. Log in to your Office 365 account with your admin credentials and navigate to Admin Center>> Exchange
  2. Under the Exchange Admin center, visit Permissions & chose Admin Roles >> Discovery Management
  3. Now add Mailbox Import Export role >> hit Save
  4. Next, again go to Admin Center >> click Compliance Management and choose in-place eDiscovery & hold
  5. Now click on the + icon given and insert a search query & >> Next
  6. Inside Mailboxes, choose the option you need and click Next to move further
  7. Now provide the search items details in the Search Query >> Next
  8. You will see the In-Place Hold settings, for the in-place hold of data to be searched
  9. tap on Compliance Management>> click on the arrow button to move the Office 365 mailbox to PST. It will get you an eDiscovery PST Export Tool
  10. Now browse the path to save the moved PST file in eDiscovery PST Export Tool >> hit on Start
  11. Enter the Office 365 log-in credential to execute the whole process >> tap Close when the process is completed
  12. Finally, you can add the exported PST file in Outlook to access the data.

Why You Should Not Choose a Manual Approach for Backup Office 365 Mailbox?

If you have been through all the above steps of the manual procedure, you must have gotten confused at some point or you might have found this process way more complicated. Is that really a solution? No! The manual method for taking backup is not an easy task at all unless you have very good hand in technical skills.

Manual methods are also Time Consuming. It can take up to hours, or even days to take a good backup of the huge mailbox.

There is always a possibility of data loss if the process of migration for backup is very lengthy, or if there is any kind of mistake in the manual steps. Any interruption in-between the process might lead to data loss. So, it’s quite a risky task.

Backup Office 365 Mailbox Without Outlook Automatically

It is obvious that now you must be looking for an easier, more secure, and less complicated solution to backup your huge Office 365 mailbox. For the cases where the data has been modified, lost, or got corrupted. A secured professional tool like Office 365 Backup Tool comes in handy with all the advanced features to backup & restore the data.

For Windows

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For Mac

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The software is capable of backing up data of unlimited size instantly. Overcoming all the limitations of the manual method, the tool also provides restoration of the Office 365 data. Plus, it doesn’t require opening Outlook for creating backups.

Let’s See What All Features are There in the Tool:

  • Selective Backups: The software to backup O 365 data provides the facility to backup specific data, in terms of the “date filter” feature. That it comes with the “to” & “from” options to provide a particular range of data.
    Also, there is another feature, “extension filter” for filtering particular extensions like .jpg, .pdf, .doc, etc.
  • Incremental backups: The software provides the advanced feature of incremental backups in such a way that if there is any data already backed up previously, it skips that data and avoids the duplicacy of the data.
  • Easy Management: The “Folder Structure Management” feature of the tool provides you with a simple manageable hierarchy of the backed-up data. It doesn’t modify or change the data after backing up, providing easy access.
  • Pause / Resume Feature: The Office 365 Backup software makes it very convenient for users to backup their data by providing the option to Pause and Resume. Users can any time pause the process and resume according to ease and comfort.
  • Restore Data: Not just the backup, but the tool also provides the feature to restore the data back to Office 365 from Outlook PST. The Impersonation option in the tool is built for such a purpose.
  • Split Large Data: In case your data is huge and your Outlook version does not support the larger PST file, you got the way to go! Just choose the option to Split the PST file and enter the desired size as you want.
  • Get Complete Report: After getting done with the migration process from Office 365 to Outlook PST, the utility generates a complete report containing the detailed status of the migration, for example, time, counts of fail, email count, destination, etc.

Not just the above features, this tool provides many more than these. It is supported for both Windows as well as MAC OS.

Step By Step Detailed Guide to Backup Office 365 Mailbox Locally

Step 1. Download, install, and run the software on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Choose Office 365 as the source and Outlook as the destination platform. Enable all the required mailbox categories from the given options. Use the date filter option to backup Office 365 mailbox selectively. Then click on next.

Step 3. Log in using your source Office 365 admin credentials such as Admin email and application ID. Then validate the required permissions. Click on next.

Step 4. Set the destination path and location to save the backed-up Office 365 mailbox data to your Windows computer. Select the desired PST file size from the drop-down. Then validate the required permissions and click on next.

Step 5. Now, add the source users using any of these three options such as; fetch users, import users, or download template.

Step 6. Choose the required Office 365 user accounts from the list that you want to backup, and click on the Start Backup button to backup Office 365 mailbox.

To Sum Up

Going down to the line of conclusion, the importance of backups can be analyzed. Users must adopt the habit of regular backups in the first place and there is no need to panic if no manual method is working for them. For huge Office 365 mailboxes, the above-mentioned tool seems to be the best-suited solution, as it is safe, reliable, and recommended by experts to backup Office 365 mailbox without using Outlook.



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