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Understand How to Backup Mac Outlook 2016 Data Quickly

Raj | Modified: July 19th, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading

Backing up mailbox data is the really important thing that needs to be performed in some cases. It is a good habit to backup data on regular basis but on some safe location. Microsoft Outlook 2016 is widely used email client among the Mac users. As you know nothing is safe in this computer world, every time there is a risk of data loss, corruption, etc. And, any loss in the Mac Outlook 2016 mailbox data can cost you a lot. Therefore, backing up mailbox data to some safe location not only secure data but also helpful in clearing up space from the mail server. Hence, in this post, we have covered the various method to backup Mac Outlook 2016 data.

Different Methods to Backup Mac Outlook 2016 Data

In order to back up complete mailbox data i.e., emails, contacts, calendar, etc., from Outlook 2016 to some safe location, follow the methods discussed below:

Export Mac Outlook 2016 Data Manually

Outlook 2016 for Mac uses OLM file format to store mailbox data. Now, if a user wants to backup Mac Outlook 2016 in .olm format, then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Tools tab and click Export option
  2. Here, you can select the items that need to be backup
  3. Now, select the destination location to save resultant OLM file and click on the Save button
  4. As the export completed successfully, click on the Finish button

Now, a user is suggested to keep the exported OLM file at some safe location so that it cannot become corrupted or damaged easily. After this, it becomes easy for the users to access this file or share it with any other Outlook users.

Backup Mac Outlook 2016 Data Automatically Via TimeMachine

Mac OS provides a program named as TimeMachine that permit users to backup all data like preferences, and other items. In order to use this tool in the best way, a user can set up a backup schedule in order to make replicas of data on daily basis. Now, follow the method mentioned below to learn how to use TimeMachine to set up a daily backup schedule for Mac Outlook 2016 data.

  1. Open Mac machine and click on the Apple Menu
  2. After that, navigate to System Preferences >> Time Machine
  3. Now, turn the TimeMachine “ON” and then, click on Select Backup Disk
  4. Another way is to click on the Options and select the items that you want to backup. For example, if you want to download only Outlook data, then uncheck everything else other than Outlook
  5. At last, choose the destination location to save the backup files and click on Use Disk option

After backing up data using this option, a user can use these files for several reasons as discussed above. The most common reason is helpful in the case of data loss. A user can share them with any other Mac in order to share the data like emails and contacts.

Consider a Scenario:

“I am using Outlook 2016 on Mac machine from past few months. Now I want to backup Mac Outlook data to MBOX format because I keep on traveling from one place to another and everywhere a new desktop based email client is present. As most of the email client supports MBOX file format, so I decided to export Mac Outlook data file to MBOX format. If anybody out there know any solution please suggest.”

Alternative Solution to Backup Mac Outlook 2016 Mailbox Data

MBOX file format is supported by many of the email clients like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc. Moreover, it is a platform-dependent application so, a user is advised to backup Mac Outlook 2016 data in MBOX format and access it anywhere based on their requirement. Now, to export OLM to Thunderbird, Apple Mail MBOX format, there is an automated solution available. Therefore, a user is suggested to use Mac OLM Converter tool to perform migration without any hassle. It is an amazing application without any limitation and preserves the original folder structure also. Moreover, a user can export selective emails from the Mac Outlook data file to MBOX format using a date-based filter option. Apart from all this, a user can access the resultant MBOX file on any platform and in any supported email client without any issue.

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Keeping mailbox data safe and secure is the topmost priority of any user as it contains lots of important information in it. Therefore, here in this post, we have covered various solution of How to Backup Mac Outlook 2016 Data quickly. A user can choose any of them based on their preferences and download Mac Outlook 2016 data in their own way.