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How to View Outlook Mail in Browser HTML Format? Free Solution!

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Published On May 16th, 2024
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Outlook has made it easy for various organizations and users to organize their business as well as personal emails, contacts, and communication processes in a hassle-free way. There are numerous features and functionalities associated with Outlook which makes it easy for the user to perform different tasks. Sometimes, the users need to view Outlook mail in the browser for additional details associated with the email. The Outlook application permits the user to view Outlook email in HTML format.

However, in some cases, the user needs to open the email in a browser with Outlook installation. The user is not able to find a simplified way to implement this task. Thus, in the blog, we are going to introduce a smart yet trustworthy approach to saving Outlook email to HTML format.

Table of Content

  1. Reasons to view Outlook email in HTML
  2. Why It is necessary to open Outlook email in browser
  3. Manual method to open email in browser
  4. How to Set a Default Web Browser to Open the Email?
  5. Automated Approach
  6. Conclusion

Why One Has to Browse Outlook Email in HTML?

Now, the reasons for this vary from one person to another depending on the requirements. However, one of the most common reasons can be to see Outlook mail in HTML file format.

Sometimes, the user needs the data in HTML format along with all the tags associated with the content. Thus, one can open email in a browser. With the help of different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. one can easily view Outlook mail in HTML format.

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Why It is Necessary to Open an Email in a Web Browser?

There are various causes why it might become necessary to open an email in a web browser.

  • Complex Graphics/Formatting: – Emails with intricate graphics or particular formatting might not render properly in an email application. Browsers can often display this content accurately.
  • Interactive Features: – Emails with embedded interactive components need a browser for full interaction.
  • Active Content Limitations: – Elements such as JavaScript may not function in typical email applications. Browser handles this content efficiently.
  • Content Restrictions: – Some email applications block particular content kinds from photos to external site links. Browsers bypass these restrictions.
  • Consistent Display: – To ensure a message displays as designed, a web browser often becomes essential

Manual Approach to View Outlook Mail In Browser

For additional information associated with the Outlook emails, the user needs to open the email in the browser. Outlook provides the user with the View In Browser option. The user can follow the steps to implement the task:

1. First, start Outlook > Open a Message > Move

Open a Message

2. In the Move section, click on the More Move Actions

Move Section

3. Here, you have to select the View In Browser option

View Outlook Mail in Browser Option

4. A pop-up will appear, click on the OK button

Pop Up - OK

5. Finally, you will be able to view Outlook email in browser
View Outlook Mail in Browser

How to Set a Default Web Browser to Open the Email?

Well, as we all know that a users may have a minimum of 2 to 5 web browsers on their PC, and users may like to do few specific activities with a specific web browser. So, if users want to read their emails with a specific web browser, we are going to guide users. If users want to open emails in Internet Explorer, users can skip this process, as it is the default web browser for that purpose. But, if users want to use a few other web browsers, here is the process to do that.

  1. Open the Control Panel from the start menu.
  2. Now hit on the Appearance and Personalization option.
  3. After that, on the left panel, choose programs.
  4. Choose Default Programs from there.
  5. In the choose the program that Windows users by default Window, choose the set their default programs option.
  6. Now, users will be required to wait for the process to finish.
  7. Now, users will get a list of the programs on the left panel. Now, choose their desired web browser from there. Let’s say Google Chrome.
  8. Hit on the set this program as the default option that users will display at the bottom of the screen. When it does, click on OK to finish.

The Major Challenge Arises:

“One of my team members shared an Outlook email with me to examine its code in HTML format. Now, the Outlook application is not installed on my system and I do not know how to view Outlook email in HTML format without Outlook. I need that email in browser but it did not work. Is there any way to display Outlook mail in HTML format without Outlook email client installation?”

How to View Outlook Email in Web Browser Without Outlook?

The major problem encountered when a user has to browse an Outlook email in a browser-compatible file format that is HTML without Outlook email client dependency. In such a situation, the user has to rely on an automated approach Outlook PST Viewer wizard.

Download Now

With this tool, one can easily view Outlook email in HTML file format via HTML Mode provided by the utility.

The software is associated with top-notch features such as multiple preview modes, a user-friendly interface, emails along with attachments, dual scanning modes, no MS Outlook installation required, etc. One has to follow the step-by-step process explained below to view Outlook mail in Browser

How to View Outlook Email in Browser to Working Steps

1. First, install the software on your system and launch it. Now, click on the Add File option to insert the Outlook file. After the file selection, click on the Add File button

open outlook email in browser

2. If the Outlook file is corrupted then select the Advanced Scan option

open email in browser

3. The software will load all the data items: emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

outlook open email in browser

4. Now, you just need to select the email which you want to see in HTML file format and then select HTML Mode

how to view outlook email in browser

5. With the help of HTML Mode, you will be able to view the Outlook mail in browser-compatible format with all the tags

View Outlook Mail in Browser Without Outlook

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In some scenarios, the need arises to view Outlook mail in the browser. The user can manually resolve the request the View In Browser option. However, the major issue occurs when the user needs to browse Outlook mail in a browser-compatible format i.e. HTML without Outlook dependency. Thus, to make it seamless for the user, we have introduced an automated and reliable way to view Outlook email in HTML format without Outlook email client installation.



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