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Effortlessly Repair Thunderbird Email Folders and Extract Emails to Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email application (for free), which provides complete functionalists of emails in wide range. It was developed by Mozilla foundation with the aim of rending users a freeware to manage emails on their local machine. While accessing Thunderbird users may experience different kinds of errors like Thunderbird not responding, Thunderbird email not loading, unable to open attachments in Thunderbird, etc. Such type of errors occurs due to corruption in MBOX file of Thunderbird. Therefore, there is a need for a solution by which one can repair Thunderbird email folders and then recover corrupted messages. The recovered mails can be saved into PST file format so that users may not again experience email corruption in Thunderbird and manage electronic mail data in a secure manner on desktop itself. This will enable users to repair all the Thunderbird emails by simply extracting them to Outlook and accomplish their task.

Need to Extract Thunderbird Emails and Follow it With Exporting to Microsoft Outlook

Although Outlook is also a desktop-based email application (somewhat like Thunderbird) but, it also acts as a personal information management system for its clients. The program comprises of different items like appointments, calendar, task manager, contact, notes, journal, and web browsing. Therefore, Thunderbird email users can simply move to MS Outlook for having a more wonderful means to access emails on computers. Following are some more reasons for Thunderbird users to choose MS Outlook platform:

Solutions to Repair Thunderbird Email Folders and Export To Outlook

The solutions for the problem can be categorized in two ways i.e., manual and automated.

Solution 1: Two Steps Manual Procedure

If the emails of Thunderbird application are corrupted and you want to save them in Outlook file formats then, you need to perform following 2-steps procedure for the same:

  1. Repair Thunderbird Email Folders, which are corrupted and extract data from them
  2. Save extracted data of Step (1) in EML file format to access it in MS Outlook program

Step 1: Fix Corrupted Thunderbird Folder/Emails

Go through the following instructions for the same:

Notes: Before proceeding further, disable automatic mail checking feature of Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Right-click on the folder where corrupted emails are stored and due to which you are facing one or the other problem while working

2. Select Properties option from the current menu

3. Click on General Information tab and then click on Repair Folder >> OK

Step 2: Now Export The Emails to Outlook

After you repair Thunderbird email folders, next step is to move them to Microsoft Outlook platform. For this, follow the given steps carefully:

Solution 2: Automated Procedure

In above-mentioned approach, there are some following risk associated with them:

To overcome risks, the better approach is to go for a professional and automated way i.e., MBOX to Outlook Converter. This software acts both as a recovery tool and converter. If an MBOX file is having corrupted emails in it then, it will repair those emails and recover data from it. From the same tool, you can continue your working of exporting the recovered files into PST file format. A client needs not to worry for any kinds of data loss and software guarantees that emails and its attachment will be migrated to Outlook without any modifications. Repair Thunderbird email folders and export them into Outlook data file.


Repair Thunderbird email folders and then extracting emails to Outlook is not going to be a difficult task if you are using an automated approach. It is the best-suited solution for the problem and users are recommended to use it for resolving Thunderbird errors without any hassle.