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Move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer in Windows 10, 8, 7

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Published On November 18th, 2022
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“One of my clients has installed new Windows7 and he was wondering if it is possible to somehow transfer/copy the account settings on Mozilla Thunderbird, so he doesn’t want to re-install it. He was finding a way to transfer all that onto a fresh install of Mozilla email client (Thunderbird) on new Windows 7 install. That would save a lot of time and work. How can we move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer?”

Are you also searching for the solution to export Thunderbird account setting to new computer effectively? You are at right place. This article is all about that what you are searching for. Here are the many solutions that we are providing you to solve your queries. A step-by-step guide is already there to resolve the problem of moving profile settings of Mozilla account.

Move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer in Windows 10

Export Thunderbird Profile to New Computer Manually

There are 2 ways to transfer Mozilla email account settings to your new machine. But before starting with this the user needs to backup Mozilla profile and then the user can start to follow these methods.

Method #1 Copy Thunderbird Account Settings to Another Computer Manually using Gmail

In this method, the user moves his/her emails to the Gmail account and synchronize it while Mozilla is installing again.

  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Create a new Mozilla Thunderbird ID on your new machine
  3. User make sure that Gmail account properties have been configured for using IMAP only
  4. Create sub folders in Mozilla email client that are as same as Gmail account for each message folder that user want to move
  5. The corresponding folder will automatically be created in your Gmail account by Thunderbird
  6. For transferring the folder, the user has to go to the original folder in Mozilla email client and Select all email using Ctrl+A
  7. Then, right-click on selected mails and then select Copy-To option and Select the folder that is present in Gmail account
  8. Mozilla makes a copy of your messages to the new folder and also copied it to your Gmail storage space
  9. And now, install Mozilla Thunderbird on your new computer and create an account of Gmail on it.

Now your Gmail account gets synchronized on user’s new machine. Finally user export Thunderbird account settings from old Machine.

Method #2 Manual way to Copy Thunderbird Profile to New Computer

In this method first search for the folder of your profile in your present Machine.

  1. Close Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Create a new profile in the location using the Profile Manager
  3. Exit the profile manager and Delete the contents of the new Profile Folder
  4. Copy all the content of the old Profile Folder into the new profile folder
  5. Start Mozilla Thunderbird.

Now, if the folders of your account are not visible to you and your inbox is empty. The user needs to find settings of local directory present on bottom of Account Settings >> Server Settings page, then make use of Browse button for updating location.

Limitations of Manual Solution are:

  • There is a risk of data loss while copying the folder
  • There is no security of data
  • User must take the backup Mozilla Thunderbird profile before starting the process
  • There are chances for corruption of any file
  • It is so time-consuming

Professional Solution to Copy Thunderbird Account Settings to Another Computer

As we all see that there are many limitations to migrate Thunderbird profile to new computer manually. Here we get you the professional tool that is Thunderbird Import Wizard. It helps a user to import the profile settings easily. As well as it also saves your time & there is no data loss or corruption.
Features are:

  1. Import Multiple User Profiles into Thunderbird
  2. Provide Option to Import-Mailbox Folder or Files
  3. Maintain the Thunderbird Mailbox Data Integrity
  4. Offer Advanced Data Filter Option for Selective Migration


The article is all about how to move Thunderbird profile to new computer Windows 7, 8 & 10. Here we discuss the solutions of the transferring of Mozilla profile settings to new machine. We get the results that the automated professional tool solution is the best way for migrating Thunderbird account setting to new machine.



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