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POP Account Configuration in Outlook 2013

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On November 18th, 2022
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In today’s era, Microsoft Outlook is one of most commonly used email clients, It manages user account data such as emails, calendars, contacts, appointments, etc. In order to get started with Microsoft Outlook, we need to configure a user account with an email id. The user account setting can be done by using POP Account Configuration, IMAP, Exchange Server, Outlook.com.

POP refers to Post Office Protocol. It is used by email clients in order to retrieve mail over a TCP/IP Internet connection. POP came out in various versions, But the most widely used version is POP3. In POP3 emails are downloaded from the server inbox to your computer system, Emails are available even when you are not connected to the internet. Basically, POP downloads your email messages at first. This makes viewing attachments and emails very fast and easy.

In this informative tutorial, we have performed POP account configuration is performed in MS Outlook 2013 with a Gmail user account.

Steps to perform POP account configuration:

We have mentioned below how to configure Gmail POP account in Outlook 2013 by using manual method:

  • To perform the POP account configuration we need to click on the file tab on the menu bar

File Open

  • In the file menu, We have to click on the ‘Add Account’ tab.

add account

  • Now we have to select the ‘Manual Setup’ radio button for configuration and click Next.

Manual POP Account configuration

  • On the next window, Press the radio button corresponding to “POP/IMAP” and then click ‘Next’

POP Account Setting

  • Provide the necessary details as shown below and click ‘More Settings’.

Setup Outlook POP Account

  • On the general tab provide the relevant user details and then switch to ‘Outgoing Server’ tab.

General Tab

  • On the ‘Outgoing server’ tab check the first check box as shown below and then switch to the tab ‘Advanced’.

Outgoing Server Setting

  • On the ‘Advanced’ tab specify the ports for servers, Provide the server timeout range also check the delivery check boxes as per requirement and click ‘OK’.

Advanced Setting

Note: In the advanced tab we can also use 465 for Outgoing server respectively, In case if 587 are not working.

  • Now come back to the previous menu. click “Test Account Settings”

Test Account Settings

  • Now your ‘Account Settings’ will be tested,

Configuration Success

Then click ‘Next’, Now your POP Account Configuration is done.

In the case of failure go back to More settings→advanced tab→check the port numbers and details, Perform testing again

Tip: A user can follow the same procedure to configure POP Account in MS Outlook 2016.


This informative tutorial described the procedure of POP account Configuration by using a Gmail account. The performance of POP3 is very good in fast and stable connections, But it’s performance lacks in slow connections, As it downloads attachments first It can become very difficult in the case of downloading large attachments when the connection is slow and unstable.



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