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Easy Steps to Import Outlook to Windows Live Mail at Once

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On July 5th, 2024
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Summary: In this article, we will primarily describe the process of importing Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Here users will also know about the necessity for transferring Outlook to Windows live mail

Hey folks! I have been a loyal MS Outlook user since the time I’ve joined this firm. At times, due to certain reasons I also have to work from home where I am using Windows Live Mail client. As a result, it is not possible for me to access the PST data items while working in my home system. As WLM supports EML file format, could someone let me know with some reliable approach to import Outlook to Windows Live Mail email program. Please suggest!”

Even after the emergence of different email clients, a majority of the users prefer using MS Outlook, which offers a bunch of innumerable features. However, it is a paid application which also requires a sufficient maintenance cost. Due to this, most of the users prefer to switch to some other email application like Windows Live Mail. Both Outlook and WLM hold different file formats to store the data. Hence, it becomes a tedious task to convert PST files to EML format. If you are among those users who are looking for the appropriate solution to import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail application. Then, explore this blog.

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Know the Responsible Factors to Import Outlook to Windows Live Mail

There are several factors, which are responsible for importing PST to Windows Live Mail.

  • One of the reasons is when a user switches the email client from Outlook. In this case, one needs to convert the Outlook emails to EML format to access the Outlook data in the WLM application without any hurdle.
  • Another factor for the conversion is the flexible nature of the EML format. It is a format, which is supported by various email applications apart from Windows Live Mail. Some of the supported email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, Apple Mail, and much more.
  • At times, there comes a need wherein WLM users need to view Outlook emails. Under such a state, the only reliable option is to convert the Outlook emails to EML format.

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How to Import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail – Smart Trick!

However, there is no direct solution to do so. Therefore, the only trustworthy and result-oriented solution that comes in is to avail PST Export Tool Mac and Windows. With the help of this utility, one can export Outlook PST files to Windows Live Mail supported EML format with all attachments. Besides this, it does not require the installation of an Outlook application to accomplish this task.

Quick Steps to Import Outlook to Windows Live Mail via EML

  • Step 1. Install and launch the software to import PST to Windows Live Mail.
  • Step 2. Using the Add File button, upload the PST file on the software interface.
  • Step 3. Preview data items in Normal Mail view, Hex view, Properties view, and Message Header view.
  • Step 4. Select the radio button corresponding to the EML format and provide the destination location to save the output.
  • Step 5. From the Advance Settings option, users can also avail of different customized filters like date filter and naming convention options.
  • Step 6. Choose a destination and simply click on the Export button to finalize the procedure.

Once the file conversion is done, the exported file will be placed at the destination location.

After this, users can easily import the resultant EML files to the WML application in which the Outlook data can be smoothly accessed.

How to Import Exported Files into Windows Live Mail

  1. Open Windows Live Mail.
  2. File Messages WLM
  3. Choose browse to view emails, then hit on next.
  4. From now on, folders will be exported.
  5. Finally, choose the finish.

Find Windows Live Mail Folder

  1. Go to WLM and log in.
  2. Choose OK after navigating to File options Mails
  3. Hit on advanced maintenance in the new tab.
  4. Select save file in the management Windows.
  5. Users finally have access to the WLM store place.

Time to Sum Up

At times, users come up with the need to import Outlook to Windows Live Mail application. This blog states the precise solution for the same i.e., by availing PST Converter tool. This software incorporates the best set of features that allows to import Outlook PST to Windows Live Mail by exporting emails in EML file format. 


Q 1. Where are Windows Live Mail files located?

If users have launched WLM in Vista or Windows 7 then probably it stored at the mentioned destination:

C:\Users\logon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

And if you installed Windows Live Mail in XP, the path would be mentioned below:

C:\Documents and Settings\logon\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail.

Q 2. How can I find the WLM data file location?

  1. Begin Windows Live Mail Application.
  2. Select file options then choose mail option.
  3. Thereafter, choose advanced maintenance.
  4. Select the store folder option from the maintenance tab.
  5. Finally, users can locate the WLM storage folder.



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