View OST Emails With Multiple Preview Modes Via OST Viewer

Admin | March 16th, 2019 | Outlook

When a user needs to work with Microsoft Outlook then OST file makes it possible for the users. OST file is an offline folder in MS Outlook which makes easy for the user to work offline and then synchronize change with Exchange Server when the connection is established. With MS Outlook, the user can easily work with OST files. But what if the user needs to open and view OST files without Outlook installation. In such a situation, most of the users search for a reliable and smart way to open and view OST emails without Outlook. Thus, to help out all the user, we are going to introduce a seamless way to open and view OST emails with multiple preview modes in just a few clicks.

First, Let Us Understand Need to Open OST File Without Outlook:

“I work as a Forensic Investigator in a Forensics Data Center. Recently, I got one case in which I need to do perform the in-depth examination of OST emails to carve out evidence. Now, the major issue is that Outlook is not installed on my system. Also, I do not have much time to complete this task. I want to know is there any tool using which I can view OST emails message header details instantly. Please suggest me a reliable software as I do not want any data loss.”

Considering The Above Mentioned Scenario:

While forensic investigation, most of the examiners need a smart way to instantly open and analyze particular files. Similarly, in some cases, the investigator has to deal with OST emails in which they have to do a complete examination of OST email with all the minute details. In such a condition, they depend on automated tools to open and analyze OST files without Outlook installation.

Now, The Question Crops Up:

Is There Any Trustworthy Software To Work With OST File Without Outlook?

Yes, the user can make use of OST Viewer software to open and view OST files without Outlook installation. The software allows the user to perform the deep analysis of OST files with the help of multiple preview modes. The software provides various preview modes such as Hex View, Attachments View, MIME View, RTF View, Message Header View etc. With preview modes, the user can easily view minute details related to OST file in just a few clicks.

Benefits of FreeViewer Multiple Preview Modes

  • Normal Email View: One can easily view OST email details such as date, time, subject, from, to, cc, bcc etc.
  • Hex View: This view mode permits the user to view the Hex code of OST emails. It is very beneficial when it comes to forensic investigation.
  • Properties View: With this mode, one can view properties associated with OST emails such as message class, size, header ID, body details etc.
  • Message Header View: One can easily view message header details of OST emails such as date, sender etc. This view mode is very important for forensic examiners to carve evidence from OST emails.
  • MIME View: This view allows the user to view non-text attachments such as video, images, audio and other multimedia file present in the OST email file.
  • HTML View: With this view mode, the user can view OST email in HyperText Markup Language format. One can view content with tags also.
  • RTF View: This view mode allows to preview OST email in plain text with symbols like #, $ etc.
  • Attachments View: One can easily view attachments associated with OST email message. One can easily download attachments also.

Summing Up

When a user needs to open and view OST file without Outlook then it becomes a challenging task. So, to make this task hassle-free one can opt for FreeViewer software. With this utility, the user can easily open and view OST files with the help of multiple preview modes. Moreover, multiple preview modes such as Message Header View, MIME View, Properties View, Hex View etc. makes easy for forensic investigators to examine OST file in details.