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How to Perform Smooth Data Transitioning from GroupWise to Exchange Online

All the time access to important files and documents has become a part of basic need in the present world. Web access to files allows users to access their files from anywhere in the world using Internet. That is why data transitioning from desktop-based email platforms like GroupWise to different cloud services e.g. Exchange Server is gaining popularity. In this write-up, users will know how to perform smooth data transition from GroupWise to Exchange Online. Before moving to the solution, have a look at the needs of this migration. Two way solution: first migrate GroupWise to Outlook then upload resultant file into Exchange Online.

Reasons for GroupWise to Exchange Online Data Transition

GroupWise users want to transfer their data into Exchange Online for multiple reasons. Once a GroupWise user transfers their data to Exchange Online, they can avail all the benefits offered by the cloud-based email host. Some prominent reasons for GroupWise to Exchange Online data import are listed below:

Methods of Migrating GroupWise Data to Exchange Online

The article just discussed some of the manifold reasons behind migration of GroupWise to Exchange Online. The process of transferring data from GroupWise to Exchange Online can be divided into two parts. The parts are described below:

Solution 1: Convert GroupWise Mailbox Data into Outlook PST Format

There is no such manual method through which the data of GroupWise mailbox can be converted to Microsoft Outlook PST files. Yet, this step in mandatory to complete the GroupWise data migration to Exchange Online. To perform this essential step of data transition, users can take the help of GroupWise to PST Converter. This software can take convert all types of GroupWise data into PST files. It can even export multiple files at the same time. The utility creates Unicode PST after conversion and preserves the integrity of data.

Solution 2: Import MS Outlook PST Files to Exchange Online

Once the PST files have been created, it the time to import the files to Exchange Online. This can be done in two ways. Both the ways are discussed here for the benefit of the readers.

Using Azure AzCopy

Use Drive Shipping


In the above discussion, the ways to perform smooth data transitioning from GroupWise to Exchange Online are described. Whatever might be the need of the users, they can easily follow the methods mentioned above to transfer their GroupWise data to Exchange Online without any problem.