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Explore Why Email Migration From GroupWise to Outlook (PST) Is Needed

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This writes up describes reasons on why email migration from GroupWise to Outlook is required. It speaks about a perfect solution to implement transferring from one mailing platform to another. Well, the workaround described is completely tested before, mentioning it on this blog.

For an enterprise user, decision of migrating from one email platform to another is not at all an easy job to perform. Whenever a person decides to perform this migration, they are always in a fear of impeding daily operations, which are linked with them because moving from one platform to another can lead to loss of data. After having all these challenges, users comes across a situation where they have to accomplish the conversion.

Development Demands Modification

Think of a situation where previously your company used GroupWise email client, an older mailing platform. With evolution in requirements and needs, the organization decides to switch from Novell GroupWise to another trending email client i.e., Microsoft Outlook. It shows that you what to perform GroupWise to Outlook migration.

Now a question arises that why email migration from GroupWise to Outlook (PST) is needed by majority of computer users?

Microsoft Outlook maintains a set of eminent features with every latest edition of it. Not only one but, there are many companies that find Outlook reliable for the business purpose. In comparison to GroupWise, Outlook equips more easy-to-manage platform to store emails or personal information on it. Few of the attractive aspects of this mail client are mentioned below:

  • Flexible Email Client: The GroupWise users will not be able to access their mailboxes if the respective environment is not available on the machine where it is configured. Whereas, MS Outlook is a diverse mailing platform because it comes with MS Office suite. This email client can easily be installed and configured easily without any technical guidance.
  • Cost-Efficient Program: Before spending dollars on one or the other email client, users become quite conscious. Talking about money invested in two of these mailing programs, Outlook proves itself to be worth because it comes within a package of MS Office suite i.e., other official programs will also be provided along with this email client. No additional charges are required for working in this program.
  • Easy-to-use Platform: For an expert or a technical person, it might be possible to work with GroupWise email client but, for a novice operator it becomes difficult. On the other hand, Outlook users will easily be able to understand the application because it is user-friendly and provides comprehend way to capture things.

What Next??? Let us dig into an appropriate solution to export GroupWise to PST.

A Perfect Workaround For GroupWise to Outlook Migration

The fact is that there does not exist any manual approach to migrate email from GroupWise to Outlook. Therefore, one needs to utilize third-party email conversion products to avoid all the hurdles and barriers to the migration. Through these applications, a person will simultaneously be able to export GroupWise mailbox to Outlook PST. One of the appropriate conversion workarounds is to use GroupWise to Outlook Converter software. It rapidly exports multiple mailboxes of GroupWise email client into Microsoft Outlook. The tool guarantees that there will be no data loss while performing migration with help of this product.

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The Bottom Line

Exporting GroupWise mailboxes to PST file is not an easy task but, a difficult to handle activity. Now, users must be familiarized with an accurate workaround to cater this migration. Data loss is the worst ever scenario for both types of end users i.e., home and enterprise. Therefore, to combat these problems, users can make use of recommended GroupWise to Outlook migration tool.