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Microsoft Teams Migration Tool to Migrate Data Securely without Any Data Loss

Published By Mohit Jha
Nimisha Ramesh
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Published On May 25th, 2023
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Heading towards data migration in Microsoft Teams? Use the tried & tested professional Teams Migration Tool to execute this technical task with zero error. Download the tool now!

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Straight Away Features of Microsoft Teams to Teams Migration Tool

  • Moves Teams, Groups, Files, Channels, & Channels Chats
  • Also Migrates Team Site, Links, Members, & Member Permissions
  • Provides Migration Support for Team Guest Permission, & @Mentions
  • Automatically Creates Teams & Channels at the Destination Tenant
  • Provision to Migrate All Types of Teams i.e. Private, Public, & Organization 
  • Maintains File Folder Structure, & Timestamps: Created & Last Modified Time
  • Option to Import CSV to Map O365 Source & Destination Users, Teams, & Groups
  • Transfer Channel Messages Body, From, & All types of Message Formatting 
  • Supports Migration of Files / Attachments, Emoji, GIF, Announcement,
  • Moves Message Posted in Multiple Channels, Stickers, & Inline Images
  • Offers Delta Migration to Migrate Newly Arrived Data from Source Teams
  • Compatible with Various Office 365 Subscription Plans
  • Supports Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit) Operating System
  • Also Supports Windows Server 2012 & 2016 Versions

More Detailed Features Offered by Microsoft Teams to Microsoft Teams Migration Software

There is a various ultra-modern feature that comes with this tool. Some of the most important ones are as follow:

#1 Migrate Teams Data Thoroughly

Users can move the Microsoft Teams, Channel, folder, including channel & group chats, shared files, Team Guest Permission, @Mentions, Channel Analytics, Team Site, etc. without any hassle. It can further migrate Links, Stickers, Stream, Inline Images, messages posted in multiple Channels, and Messages marked as urgent/important as well.

#2 Facility to Migrate Microsoft Teams & Channels in Bulk

With Microsoft Teams Migration Tool, users can easily transfer Teams data in bulk at the destination. All it needs; is the Office 365 admin credentials of source and destination to migrate all the data to the destination securely. Then the users can add the associated users’ IDs, teams, and groups and can transfer data in bulk.

#3 Provision to Create Mapping for Users, Teams, & Groups

This tool is well-engineered and it provides users an option to create a mapping of respective users, Teams, and Groups to add them in bulk. It offers three ways to accomplish this task such as Fetch, Import, and Download Template options. Users can easily map the respective users between the source and destination. 

#4 Detailed & Summary Report at Post Migration

Users can view the status of migration; as it shows the complete count of channel messages & files that are being migrated to the destination. Moreover, users also get a summary report as well as the detailed report including the name of channels, channel count, messages count, group count, files count, and the time consumed for the completion of the migration process.

#5 Re-Run Migration Feature

This Microsoft Teams Migration Tool is made with keeping the needs of users in the mind and it provides three different types of Re-Run migration features.

Retry Failed Items: Users can utilize this feature and they can migrate those data which were not migrated in the initial run. 

Re-Run Full Migration: This is a remarkable feature that gives freedom to users to transfer those data that may have been skipped in the previous migration. 

Delta Migration: This mode of migration permits users to move the newly arrived data from the source Teams without creating any duplicate files.

Note: Users can run these three types of migration modes until, Teams are not marked as completed.

#6 Support Various Office 365 Subscription Plans

We understand the user queries regarding the teams migration and being a useful and integral part of Office 365 Business & Enterprise subscription plans. This Microsoft teams migration software is compatible with the various Office 365 Subscription Plans. Moreover, in order to make it a one-stop solution it also supports Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit) & Windows Server 2012 & 2016 versions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does the Teams Migration Software Work to Transfer Teams Data? 

Below are the 5 quick steps that show the working of this utility: 

  • Step 1. Install and Launch Microsoft Teams Migration Tool 
  • Step 2. Select Teams & Groups from the Workload Section 
  • Step 3. Enter Source & Destination O365 Admin Credentials 
  • Step 4. Map Users, Teams, and Groups & Validate Permissions 
  • Step 5. Hit the Start Migration Button

Q2. Do We Get a Demo Version of Teams Migration Software?

No, Unfortunately, there is no demo available for Teams. Users need to purchase the full version of this utility. 

Q3. Is It Possible to Migrate a Private Teams Channel to Destination Using this Software?

Yes, users can easily transfer private channels to other destination teams. However, they have to manually configure it as a private channel at the post-migration stage. As it migrates the private channel as a public channel at the destination. 

Q4. Is there any Date Filter Available for Selective Teams Migration in this Tool?

No, there is no such date filter offered by this software. 

Q5. Does this Microsoft Teams Migration Software Work on Windows 11?

Yes, this tool is compatible with Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit). Futhermore, it also supports Windows Server 2012 & 2016 versions.

Client’s Reviews on Teams Migration Software

“It is a great Teams migration tool that does exactly what we expect it to. We have successfully migrated 3212 Teams to the destination with data security. Moreover, the best feature which I liked the most is the summary report that it generates. I can see all the details of migration in this report.”

– Charles Edward

“It has been exceptionally helpful throughout our migration project. We have encountered zero errors using this amazing Teams Migration Tool. We recommend it to all the Office 365 Admins to hands on this software when heading towards teams migration.”

– Kevin Weeks

“Nowadays Teams became an integral part of the Office 365 business suite. Moreover, in the coming years, it will have exceptional growth. Software like Teams Migration Tool makes the data migration smooth and secure in MS teams.”

– Stephens Parker 

Final Verdict

When it comes to migrating MS teams data to destination accounts safely, users should use professional software like Microsoft Teams Migration Tool. As it eliminates all the possible chances of error and data loss and makes the transition smooth, fast, and secure.

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