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How to Extract Emails from PST File Without Outlook Installation?

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On May 17th, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook has always been the priority amongst users for a seamless communication experience. Moreover, the Outlook application stores the complete data items in PST file format.

Hence, it becomes a hurdle to extract emails from PST files without Outlook. Instead of getting into cumbersome time, here in this blog, we will state the best yet straightforward solution to instantly preview an extract PST file reliably.

Before knowing the solution, let’s check out the below-stated user query!

“Been working as a Digital Investigator, I have to collect evidence from different file formats. Recently, I received a PST file in my ongoing investigation process. However, I am not personally interested to install Outlook application on the system. Hence, I am looking for some reliable approach which, will allow me to extract emails from PST file without Outlook. Can anyone help me know with the correct procedure for the same?”

“Due to some reasons, I want to extract Outlook emails to EML format. As Outlook application is not configured on my system, hence I am in search of a direct solution, which will allow me to the Outlook emails to EML format without configuring MS Outlook. Could someone suggest me some trustworthy tool to process my need?”

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Causes to Extract Messages from PST File

Everybody who has even a passing knowledge of technology is conscious that the PST file retains all of the data for Microsoft Outlook. To view the Outlook data PST file, it is essential to have Outlook installed on the computer.

However, a large number of clients need the ability to extract email addresses from PST files outside of Outlook. This is possible, for example, that digital forensic detectives can stumble across a few PST files that they require to analyze, but they won’t have Outlook installed on their PC.

Other users may want to view the PST file as well, but they won’t be prepared to install MS Outlook just yet. Because of all of these factors, users must have access to an impartial application that can extract all email addresses from PST files even when Outlook is not installed.

How to Extract Emails from PST File with Free Solution?

Users can extract email addresses from Outlook PST files as MSG. Microsoft Outlook allows users only to extract solo emails as MSG. Read all the instructions and limitations before starting the process.


  • The Outlook email application must be installed on their machine.
  • If users have an orphan PST file, then first transfer the PST file into Outlook.
  • Outlook must be in running condition.

Working Steps to Extract All Email Addresses from PST File

As MSG File

  1. Open Outlook Application.
  2. Now, drag & drop single mail at the PC.
  3. Finally, you can save it in MSG format.

Limitations- This process is too simple, but users have to face few situations while doing the procedure such as users cannot extract several emails from a PST file. Also, users have to repeat the procedure again and again for every email.

How to Extract All Email Addresses from PST File with Manual Solution

You can export email addresses from PST files only by using this manual method. All the steps are mentioned below in detail.

  1. Open your Outlook account.
  2. Choose the File then open & export after that import/export.
  3. Select comma-separated Values (CSV) from the list.
  4. Browse the destination to save the resultant file.
  5. After that, choose the required folders from the data.
  6. Finally, hit on the next finish icon to extract email addresses from the PST file.

Now users’ selected data includes email addresses at the chosen destination. But it has a few drawbacks which are given below.

Cons of Free Solutions

  • Outlook must be set up with the machine.
  • No advanced filter to export particular email addresses.

How to Extract Emails from PST Files Without Outlook Instantly?

To easily access and extract all email addresses from PST files without Outlook, users have to rely completely on some trustworthy professional tool because the manual method is not feasible to extract PST data files.

For this, Outlook PST Export Tool is the prime choice made by most of the users while dealing with the situation. This application is capable enough to extract contacts from PST files.

It is standalone software, which does not require the installation of the Outlook application and is available for both Windows and Mac OS. It lets users convert emails from Outlook into multiple file formats and also extract calendars from PST files.

Besides transferring the Outlook emails, other data items like contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. are migrated to the desired format. It is also capable of extracting emails from damaged PST files. Additionally, there is no worry about data loss or data inconsistency issues during the migration process.

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So now, it’s no longer a troublesome task to extract email addresses from PST files without Outlook installation using the ultra-quick PST File Exporter tool!

Concluding Thoughts

Most of the users fail to follow the right approach to extract emails from PST files without Outlook. Hence, we have come up with this post where we have elaborated on a cost-effective technique i.e., by using Outlook data exporter to undergo an effortless email extraction process.

As there is no manual method available to extract PST files without Outlook installation, hence availing the automated solution is indeed the smart choice. It also supports extracting emails from damaged PST files.



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