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Merge Two SharePoint Sites into One Using an Effortless Solution

Raj | Modified: May 25th, 2023 | 4 Minutes Reading

There are multiple scenarios when an organization would look for ways to merge two SharePoint Sites into one. However, when they look out for solutions on the Internet, they end up getting a couple of complex and tedious procedures. Thus, a professional and easy-to-use solution is the need of the hour for many organizations.

In the following section, we have discussed a perfect way of merging multiple SharePoint sites into one. The application will not actually merge the sites but will migrate one site’s data to another. So, you will get all the data in a single site.

Before directly jumping to the solution, let us first discuss some user queries showing how they are struggling to find the easiest way to join SharePoint Sites.

Hello Everyone! Our organization had a restructure recently and 2 of our teams joined into one. Thus, we are merging everything into one part but finding it difficult to merge their SharePoint sites into a single site. Can someone please help us with an easy solution? Any help will be appreciated!

Hi, I am a project manager and we have multiple sites used for several projects. Now my team is working on project where we need to collaborate with other team. So, I need to combine our SharePoint sites into one. Is there any quick solution to get my job done?

Automated Tool to Merge Two SharePoint Sites into One

Considering the complexities involved in merging SharePoint sites, it is essential for IT administrators to go with a solution that makes the entire experience seamless. Therefore, we are here with a tried and tested application named SharePoint Online Migration Tool.

This software will help you migrate data from one site to another, resulting in merging entire data into single site. So if you also have a similar requirement and looking for a tool that can help merge multiple SharePoint sites into one, then you can use this software.

This advanced solution will help you migrate Document Libraries and Generic Lists without affecting its data integrity. Additionally, the batch migration option will make the process quick and efficient. There is a date-based filter as well that you can use to migrate only desired data to destination site.

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Moreover, if you have a need to migrate SharePoint Online from one tenant to another, then also this software will get your job done.

Steps to Merge Two SharePoint Sites into One

Step 1. Download this utility on Windows OS and launch it.

Step 2. Go to Workload Selection section and enable Sites checkbox.

Step 3. You can also apply Date filter to the data items for only specific data migration.

Step 4. Now, enter Source and Destination Admin ID and Application ID and validate both of them.

Step 5. Map the SharePoint sites and start combining multiple SharePoint Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any PowerShell command that will help me merge two SharePoint sites?

A. No, currently there is no PowerShell command that can merge SharePoint sites into a single site. However, you can use the migration tool discussed above and move your multiple site’s data into a single site. Eventually, all your data will be merged into a single site.

Q. Is there any other option other than the professional solution?

A. Yes, you can export your data from one site and upload / import it to another site. This way all your data will be moved to other sites. However, you must note that it is not a feasible procedure and would take quite a long time to merge complete data.

Q. What data items will the aforementioned solution merge in SharePoint sites?

A. This application will help you copy documents from one SharePoint site to another and migrate SharePoint list to another site while ensuring that data integrity will not be affected.


After understanding the need of many organizations, we have offered the best way to merge two SharePoint sites into one. As there is no feasible way for users to merge their SharePoint sites, it becomes quite difficult for administrators to get the job done. But now, they can use the advanced solution and combine multiple SharePoint sites without losing a single bit of data.