Lotus Notes Mail Migration Tool: Move IBM Notes Data to Multiple Application

Due to the adhesive and problematic performance of IBM Lotus Notes, several users are trying to migrate their data to some other dependable platforms of their choices. Recently it is seen that the users are more inclined towards Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server and to the cloud technology like Office 365 which is emerged as a suitable environment for business. However, sometimes due to the professional requirements users may need to perform Lotus Notes mail migration to other email applications. The procedure for Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration or to Outlook / Office 365 is not much easier and a small misstep or error, in the start, may cause various issues.

Why Business Users Migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange & Office 365?

Here are some of the crucial reasons which can lead to Lotus Notes migration:

  1. Huge Storage: other email applications, unlike Lotus Notes, does not consume any local space. Thus, the user can easily save data without any worry.
  2. Formatting Issue: Lotus Notes is not compatible with any standard HTML syntax and thus cannot render HTML/CSS scripts efficiently.
  3. User-friendly: User does not require any type of training for using email applications like Office 365, Exchange and Outlook, as these email clients are easy to use.
  4. Less Operational Cost: The cost of these clients are very less than the operational cost of IBM Lotus Notes
  5. Business Goals: Apart from Lotus Notes, all other email clients support business goals such as mobility, innovation, and agility.

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Renowned Features of Lotus Notes Mail Migration Tool

  1. Migrate Lotus Notes Data to Microsoft Exchange, Outlook & Office 365: With this option, the Lotus Notes migration tool allows to migrate Lotus Notes NSF files directly into three email client i.e Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes. The software will provide users a step by step procedure to transfer IBM Notes NSF files or the Domino Server mailboxes in batch. The simple user interface makes this utility easy to perform NSF file conversion process in bulk.
  2. Export Encrypted Messages: The Lotus Notes migration tool is capable enough to remove any type of encryption in NSF emails. This is an optional feature of the software so, you can check or uncheck the feature according to the need.
  3. CN Value Customization: Through this tool, users can easily detect and convert canonical name format which is set for any sender’s email address in the Notes database. User can either set one SMTP name format for all CN values or can define an individual for each in a CSV file and thus can use it.
  4. Map names.nsf File: The Lotus Notes mail migration tool is an advanced utility which allows to Map CN values using the browsed Names.nsf file. With this users can easily convert IBM Notes supported CN values into SMTP format which is further supported by many email applications.
  5. Maintains Internet File Header: Any message or the file which has certain properties or the associated details which can help to detect its organization. These properties are usually known as message internet header. Lotus Notes migration application tool ensures to keep this header information intact of every mail or the items during Lotus Notes mail migration to other clients.

Accessibility of Lotus Notes Mail Migration Tool

The Lotus Notes migration software is available in two different versions:

  1. Demo Version: The demo version of the utility will let users migrate only 25 items per folder for every NSF file or for every Domino server mailbox.
  2. Licensed/Full Edition: The licensed version of Lotus Notes migration software allows the users to import unlimited Lotus Notes emails to Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and to Office 365. Also, this edition has no file size limitation. It performs the whole process in just a few clicks. The best thing about this utility is, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.


  • Import Lotus Notes emails to Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
  • Map CN Values from Names.nsf file
  • Supports to translate Canonical Name into SMTP formatted
  • The Lotus Notes Mail migration tool supports various types of Calendar recurrences


  • Not compatible with Mac Operating System
  • Demo version imports only 25 items per folder

The Final Verdict

There is no email server application can compete Lotus Notes, however, due to few failures in the Domino programming has made it fail in front of many other applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. It is so because these applications have a user-friendly GUI along with beneficial features. Thus more and more users are switching from Lotus Notes. In order to make the data migration process simpler, we have discussed a professional solution i.e Lotus Notes Mail migration tool on this tech page. Hopefully, the user will not face any complexities in migrating data from Lotus Notes to other email applications of their choices.