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How to Move Yahoo Mail Folder to Desktop? [Solved]

Raj | Modified: March 29th, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading

The following article will teach you how to move your Yahoo Mail folder to your Mac desktop using various methods. You can go through each process and choose the one that best suits your needs to successfully export your Yahoo emails to your Mac or Windows hard drive.

Yahoo Mail is a popular email client used by people all over the world. However, there have been several issues reported recently regarding mail management on the platform. Yahoo is actively working to resolve these email issues. Unfortunately, when server outages occur, Yahoo Mail may shut down temporarily, causing inconvenience to its users.

Either you have come here with the above-stated reason or any other, it doesn’t matter. But you will have your results from the below sections. It’s a belief on my side. So let’s move down and check out how to move Yahoo Mail folder to desktop on Mac.

How to Export Yahoo Mail Folder to Desktop?

In the Mac system, not all processes work and you may be familiar that not all applications work on the Mac system. So keeping this in the note, we are here providing you the efficient solutions to transfer Yahoo Mail folders to Mac. Go through each for your good.

Automated Solution to Move Yahoo Mail Folder

The Yahoo Mail Backup Tool is exclusively designed to export Yahoo Mail folder to desktop. You can easily download and install the application on your system. Afterward, perform a simple process to export Yahoo email folders to the local system or a flash drive connected to Mac. There are many functions provided which make our backup more efficient and easy. You can find the features in the section below. The downside is the process displayed to transfer Yahoo Mail folders to desktop.

There is an advanced setting that includes multiple features to save Yahoo emails in a different (efficient) manner. Check out the feature’s downside. Also, you can export the Yahoo Mail folder to Mac and Windows-based machines.

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Multiple Facilities to Move Yahoo Mail Folder

The suggested application has various options for efficient mail backup. Some of them are described below:

Emails Filtering Option: The utility has the option to filter emails from the whole email account. This helps to save time and the required emails are downloaded on the Mac system.

Archive Yahoo Emails to Local Hard Drive: This option helps you download a copy of your Yahoo emails on the computer folder. Afterward, it will remove the emails exported to hard drive from the yahoo account and permanently delete them from the Yahoo Mail server. This is helpful for users who want to free account storage and safeguard important emails at the local end.

Include/Exclude Folder: You have the option to select email folders for exporting Yahoo emails on the Mac system. The folders included in the text are only taken up for the email download process. You can use the Include Folder option to select email folders for the selective email export. One important feature is the exclude functionality. You have the option to remove the Sent and Deleted Items Folder from the export process.

Multiple Email Formats Backup Available: This Mac Yahoo Email backup tool offers to export Yahoo emails in 5 different file formats. This is rarely seen in any application. You can copy your Yahoo Mail data in Outlook PST / MSG, Apple Mail EMLX, Thunderbird EML, and MBOX formats.

Manage Direct Yahoo Mail Backup to Mac: The Wizard offers the option to manage the live backup of data with Pause and Resume options. The Pause button will discontinue the backup process, while the Resume button will restore the process. These options are available to manage the interruptions held during the backup.

There are some features of the application. Now we move to the next process of transferring Yahoo Mail folders to Mac.

How to Move Yahoo Mail Folder to Desktop Manually?

In the next technique of Yahoo Mail download to a Mac hard drive, you need to have Apple Mail installed and configured in your Mac machine. I assume this pre-requisite is held by your side. With this belief, let us start the process to export Yahoo email to Mac computer.

In here, you have to configure your Yahoo Mail on Apple Mail. Once this is completed, you can easily download the Yahoo Mail data on a Mac drive in EMLX and MBOX format. Move down to know the process of adding Yahoo Mail in Apple Mail.

Procedure to Configure Yahoo Mail in Apple Mail

  1. Click on Mail and then select Preferences option
  2. Move to the Accounts tab and click on ‘+’ sign
  3. In the Description box, enter Yahoo.
  4. In the Email Address box, enter Yahoo email address. Then, enter your Full Name
  5. Provide the following details:
    Incoming Mail Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
    User Name: Yahoo Mail Email Address
    Password: Yahoo account password
  6. Click on the Advanced tab. Enter 993 beside the Port box
  7. Close the window and click on Save option on the pop-up screen

This will complete the configuration of the Yahoo Mail setup on Apple Mail. Now you can easily save emails from Apple Mail on the Mac hard drive.

Wrapping It All Together!!

The article above explains how to move Yahoo Mail folders to the desktop using various procedures. You can test each process and choose the best solution for transferring Yahoo Mail folders to desktop sytem.