How to Solve Yahoo Mail Not Opening Attachments Issue?

Admin | July 30th, 2020 | Yahoo Mail

Summary: Today we will discuss why Yahoo mail not opening attachments. Describe multiple solutions to open and download Yahoo mail attachments into local drive.

Yahoo! is a web-based email service. Yahoo Mail used by millions of people around the world. If you can’t download attachments on Yahoo Mail may be caused by configuration or security settings of your Internet browser. If Internet Explorer is your web browser, you can fix the problem by disabling the plugin from the Tools menu.

Security issues can also contribute to this Yahoo Mail attachment issue. To resolve this, set the security settings to the correct values. Anti-virus software and proxy firewall settings are available on Yahoo! Maybe that’s the reason for the problem.

Solutions to Solve Yahoo Mail Not Opening Attachments Issue

To easily open Yahoo Mail attachments, follow the steps described below:

1. Please Update Your Browser: Check your browser version as the first troubleshooting step. If your web browser is not updated, you cannot open Yahoo Mail attachments. So please update it to the latest version.

2. Installing the Adobe Reader: It is difficult to open the PDF file attachment, to troubleshoot the same, download and install the free Adobe Reader program.

3. Uninstall Your Anti-virus Program: If you still cannot open the attachment after trying the above steps, try disabling the firewall and anti-virus programs installed on your system. Your anti-virus software may prevent you from opening the email attachment.

4. Try Restarting Your System: Try restarting your computer system. Restart usually solves many issues related to email attachments. Restart will resolve the issue of connecting Internet connection emails. It may solve Yahoo Mail not opening attachments issue.

5. Disable Browser Plugins: If that doesn’t work, try disabling browser plugins and plugins. These will prevent you from opening the email attachments. Then restart your browser and try opening the email attachment again.

Fix Unable to Download Yahoo Mail Attachments in Google Chrome

The following troubleshooting settings will help you to download Yahoo email attachments.

1. Download in Another Browser and Enable Compatibility Mode: Try opening another Yahoo Internet Explorer email attachment in compatibility mode. To enable compatibility mode, open the Tools option in your browser, click Select Compatibility View, and select Display all websites in Compatibility View.

2. Restart Your Browser and Disable the Extension: The first troubleshooting step for the issue is to restart your browser and disable any additional extensions that stop Yahoo Mail attachments from downloading.

3. Uninstall Your Anti-virus Program: Try disabling any firewall protection programs and anti-virus programs installed on your system. The inability to download email attachments may be due to antivirus software.

4. Check Your Browser Version: Check your current browser version. In older and unsupported browsers, you can try to download files but the whole process will break down. Try the method to fix Yahoo Mail not opening attachments issue.

Best Solution to Download Yahoo Mail Emails to Local Drive

Yahoo Backup Tool is proprietary software for downloading Yahoo emails to your local hard drive. This Software helps users protect their Yahoo account data by backing up Yahoo emails and attachments on their computer system.

This Software save emails into PST, MSG, MBOX, and MSG file formats. This Tool is available for both Mac and Windows OS users. With its excellent features, you can comfortably save Yahoo email data.

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Summing Up

In this blog, we described the multiple solutions to fix Yahoo Mail not opening attachments issue. Best methods mentioned above to open and download Yahoo Mail emails or attachments into local drive.