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How to Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365? Simple Tricks!

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If you have used Microsoft Outlook 365 before, you may be familiar with the shared mailbox used by people or groups of employees to send and receive email from a common email address. Multiple users can access the shared mailbox if the administrator allows access to the shared mailbox.

Using a shared mailbox in Outlook 365 is easy, but most people don’t understand it when adding and using a shared mailbox in Outlook. Therefore, this article will show you how to add a shared mailbox in Outlook 365.

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Prerequisites Before Using Outlook 365 Shared Mailbox

Before using a shared mailbox in Microsoft Outlook 365, please note the following prerequisites:

  • Shared mailbox set up and available to Microsoft Outlook 365
  • Microsoft Outlook must be set up with an Office 365 account
  • The administrator allowed access to a shared mailbox

When your admin adds you to a Microsoft Office 365 shared mailbox, you’ll need to close and restart Outlook. When you restart Outlook, the shared mailbox may appear in the folders pane below the primary mailbox. However, if this does not happen, you can manually add the shared mailbox.

How to Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365?

It takes a while for the shared mailbox to appear in the Outlook folder pane. However, if it doesn’t work, you can manually add it by following the steps below.

1. Start Outlook >> Go to File tab

2. Click Account Settings >> Select Account Settings from Menu

3. Click on Email tab and make sure the appropriate account is highlighted

4. On the Email tab, click Change at the bottom of the page

5. A New Tab will be shown. Click on More Settings >> Advanced option >> Add button

6. Here, enter the shared email address added by the administrator, and click OK

7. Then Click Next >> Finish >> Close.

How to Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365

How to Use a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365?

After you add the shared mailbox to Outlook 365, you can use it to send and receive email. We’ll see how to send mail from a shared mailbox in Outlook 365.

1. Open Outlook 365 >> Click New Email above the list of folders. A new message window will be shown

2. Click the […] icon at the top of emails message windows and select Show From (Email receivers will receive emails from a shared mailbox address)

Show From

3. If this is your first time using a shared mailbox, you must add your email address to the From list

  • First Right-click on From option then click on Remove option

Remove option

  • After you enter the address of the shared mailbox, it will appear as an option in the From the drop down menu the next time you send an email from the shared mailbox.

4. Then, to Add Recipients, Enter Email or Names of People on your organization’s contact list or mailing list

5. Enter the Contents of the email and the message to be sent

6. After you have entered the message, click Send. Emails are sent from the shared mailbox address.

How to Use a Shared Mailbox Calendar?

The shared mailbox calendar is used and shared with the members of the Outlook 365 shared mailbox. As an Outlook 365 shared mailbox member, you can create, edit, and delete events in your calendar items. However, if you do not have access to the Microsoft Outlook shared mailbox calendar, you can easily access it by following these steps:

1. Sign in to your Outlook 365 account and select Calendar

2. Follow steps, Go to Calendar >> Right-click on Other Calendar >> Select Open Calendar

How to Use a Shared Mailbox Calendar

3. In From Directory option, find the shared calendar you want to open, select the Shared Mailbox linked to your calendar, and click Open

4. The Shared Calendar will be shown in the calendar list.

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Summing Up

Shared mailboxes are one of the biggest features of Outlook 365, allowing you to send and receive email from a common identity. Therefore, this article described How to Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365? How to Use a Shared Mailbox and Calendar?