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How to Fix Outlook Archive.pst Has Reached The Maximum Size Error?

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Published On January 11th, 2024
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Summary: The end number of users get the error “archive.pst has reached the maximum size” and cannot solve this problem. In this blog, we describe the best possible solution to fix this error in a few clicks. So stay tuned to the end of this article.

Everybody knows Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular desktop-based email clients among business and individual users. But sometimes Outlook takes too long to respond and the user becomes unable to perform any action on it. For example, opening a file, copying, downloading any integrated attachments, etc. All these are clear indications that there is an issue with the Outlook data file.

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In most cases, it is due to the oversized data file, which results in PST file corruption. This issue mainly depends on the version of Outlook a user is using. However, Outlook 2003 and below versions create ANSI type of PST files with a 2 GB storage limit. In the above versions, the storage space varies from 20 GB to 50 GB and is called a UNICODE type of PST file. However, the archive is also a PST file, which represents the user profile.

Thus, this oversized PST file is applicable to the archive.pst file also. When this situation occurs, a user receives an error message like archive.pst has reached the maximum size. Therefore, this post will let users know how to fix the Outlook data file that has reached the maximum size in the best possible ways.

Different Methods to Resolve Archive.pst Has Reached The Maximum Size Issue

As explained above the archives are the same as a normal profile representing a PST file. Thus, it has the same storage limits as the Outlook PST files. Most of the time, MS Outlook keeps on moving data from a user account to a defined archive PST either manually or by automatic archiving. All this will result in an oversized archive.pst file. Now, to overcome this issue, a user can use any of the workarounds discussed below in this segment.

Method #1: Delete All Unwanted Data Items

To fix the storage space issue, a user is advised to first get rid of the data items, which are no longer required. This is one of the best possible ways to reduce the storage and fix the Outlook data file that has reached the maximum size 2016 error but by keeping the archive in an organized manner. Now, to do so, a user can open the archive PST file and choose the data items. After that, simply clear the Deleted Item folder and remove them permanently.

Method #2: Create a New Archive File

Another possible way to fix Outlook archive.pst has reached the maximum size error is to create a new archive Unicode type PST file. Now to the same, disconnect the existing archive file from the profile by following the steps listed below:

  1. First of all, go to Data File Management settings. Click on the File tab >> Account Settings >> Account Settings and click on the Data Files tab.
  2. After that, click on the Open File Location option and navigate to the folder path on Windows Explorer.
  3. Then, select the file and click on the Remove button.
  4. Close the dialog box window and exit the MS Outlook application.
  5. Now, you need to go to the location of the archive file and rename it with a new name than archive.pst.

After all, this, whenever an archiving is performed, the new file with the name archive.pst of Unicode type will get created without touching the previous archive file.

Method #3: Merge Existing Profile With New Master Archive

If a user combines the archive with a newly created master archive file, then also it will be helpful. However, a user cannot perform this merge task directly but a workaround is available. First of all, create a new PST file, which acts as a master archive file, and after that simply copy the data from the archive file to the master archive. This method will keep the data safe in case anything goes wrong while the merging process.

Method #4: Automated Solution to Fix Archive.pst Has Reached The Maximum Size Error

If any of the above methods do not work perfectly to fix the Outlook data file that has reached the maximum size 2016 error, then the only solution is a switch to our tool named PST Splitter Tool.

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This software allows you to decrease Outlook PST file size. This tool will easily help to split corrupted PST files. It is a perfect solution to repair corrupt PST files in just a few simple clicks. Moreover, it also lets users split large PST file in Outlook into multiple parts by size to overcome large-size corruption issues.

Quick Working Steps of the Automated Tool

Follow the below solution to make the entire task easy & simple you want

1. Install the software on your Windows system.


2. Now, “Add PST Files/Folder(s)” & select desired Split Option


3. Check summary of “Split Information” & click Next to proceed


4. The splitting process is completed and checks smaller PST files.

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Any small issue in Microsoft Outlook can badly affect the normal working of the application. One such issue is that archive.pst has reached the maximum size. Thus, in this post, various methods (manual and professional) are discussed that a user can easily use to fix the Outlook data file that has reached the maximum size of 2016 and other versions permanently.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: Is it possible that our archive.pst has reached the maximum size?

A : Yes, the above tool will help users to easily archive the .pst has reached the maximum size PST file.

Q 2: Is there any way to split Outlook Archive files?

A : Yes, using automated tool users can easily separate multiple Outlook archive data files into a single PST file with all the data items.



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