Explore MBOX Files Using Multiple Preview Modes Via FreeViewer

Every organization makes use of a reliable yet feature-rich email client to carry out their business communication and data management process. Various email client applications are available and each email client is associated with unique features and functionalities. Additionally, email clients are compatible with a particular file and this file format can vary from one email client to another. Most commonly used email clients are Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora etc. Now, such email client supports MBOX file format. Now, with the help of email client compatible with MBOX format, the user can easily browse and explore MBOX file.

However, the problem occurs when the user does not have any email client supporting MBOX file and he/she wants to explore MBOX file. In such a situation, the user has to rely on a smart and reliable solution. Now, most of the users are not able to find a simple yet trustworthy solution to browse the MBOX file. Thus, in the section given below, we are going to introduce an instant approach to explore MBOX file without using email client.

You Must Be Thinking!

Why Does the User Need to Browse and Explore MBOX File Without Email Client Dependency?

The need to browse MBOX file without using any email client can differ from user to user. Every person has its own requirements according to his/her business or other factors. The user can understand the basic necessity to open and read the MBOX file via a genuine real-world user query explained below.

I need to deal with various cybercrime and digital forensics cases as I am Forensics Examiner. Recently, I got a case in which I need to browse and analyze all the information such as message header, attachments, etc. related to MBOX files. However, I am stuck very badly as I need to complete this task and find out evidence as soon as possible. The major issue is that I am not able to find an instant and reliable way to implement this task. Please suggest me a quick way to browse and analyze MBOX files without the installation of any email client.

Here, Is An All Rounder Solution To Resolve All Issues!

MBOX Viewer – A Versatile and Reliable Solution

One can opt for MBOX Viewer Tool to browse and explore MBOX files in a hassle-free way. The software allows the user to browse MBOX files along with the attachments. Moreover, no file size limitation is associated with the utility to open and read the MBOX file. The software is designed with a user-friendly interface and amazing features. Moreover, the software also provides multiple preview modes to explore MBOX files without any issues. The tool provides Properties View, Message Header View, MIME View, Hex View etc. This makes easy for forensic investigators and other users to carry out the detailed examination of MBOX files.

Advantages of Multiple Preview Modes Provided By Viewer Tool

  • Hex View: This view mode makes easy for forensic investigator and users to view the Hex code of the MBOX file. One can view the Hex code and examine MBOX file data in more details.
  • Normal Mail View: This view mode permits the user to view details such as time, date, subject, cc, bcc, to, from etc. related to MBOX files.
  • Properties View: With this view mode, the user can view various properties of MBOX emails such as message class, header ID, size etc.
  • HTML View: One can easily browse MBOX emails in HTML file format with all the content and different tags also.
  • Message Header View: This view mode is capable to provide a preview of MBOX email header details such as sender, message ID, date etc.
  • MIME View: With MIME View mode, one can easily explore MBOX email details like content-type, return path etc.
  • RTF View: The user can easily browse MBOX emails in plain text format with RTF with along with various symbols.
  • Attachments View: This view mode permits the user to view attachments associated with the MBOX file format. The attachments could be any image, document etc.

Browse and Explore MBOX File In A Trouble-Free Way

Sometimes, the user as well as forensic investigator search for a reliable way to browse and explore MBOX files without any problem. Thus, to make it hassle-free for the users, we have discussed a powerful and brilliant utility to browse MBOX files without any email client. The utility provides different preview modes so that user and the forensic examiner can work with MBOX files and perform the in-depth examination of MBOX files.