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How to Configure Gmail in Zimbra in a Quick Way?

Admin | Modified: December 9th, 2021 | 4 Minutes Reading

Wants to move Gmail in Zimbra account? Looking for a solution to connect Zimbra to Gmail? Did not find any solution, fed up of searching? No need to worry, all your search ends here. In this post, how to configure Gmail to Zimbra is discussed in details. One can easily refer it and become free from all issues related to the same.

In today’s modern era, no one in this world can imagine a single day without an email application. Exchange of information through emails has become the most common means of communication nowadays. In addition, there are many applications available that a user can use chose. As there are various email applications available, the preference of users also varies in between based on the different features offered by them. Thus, in this post, the frequently asked migration i.e. how to configure Gmail in Zimbra is discussed.

Configure Gmail in Zimbra

Need of Gmail to Zimbra Migration

There is no doubt that Gmail is one of the most popularly web-based email application. It is provided by Google for the web for the data management of users on the web. Apart from being the most popular, users are still searching for a solution to connect Gmail in Zimbra. It is because Zimbra is an open source as well as a free desktop-based email client that is developed by Zimbra Inc. and available from 2005. Apart from having all this, the Zimbra has a commercially compatible edition with the components of closed source. Moreover, it also supports both POP & IMAP-compatible email application such as Hotmail, Yahoo, MS Exchange, etc.

All other facilities offered by this Zimbra desktop email client and the exact reason behind Gmail to Zimbra migration is covered below:

1. Offline email access is the most important facilities offered by desktop-based emails application. With the help of this, one can easily read the received emails in offline mode also.

2. It also permits users to compose an email message in offline mode also and send it. Whenever a Zimbra rebuild the connection with the internet it will send the message automatically.

3. While using Zimbra application, a user can also manage its personal data such as contacts, calendars, notes, journal etc. that is why it is commonly known as Personal Information System.

4. The Zimbra is an email application that has much simpler user interface compared to Gmail with no unwanted or disturbing advertisements.

Method to Configure Gmail in Zimbra Application Manually

As discussed above, it has become the requirement of the users to import Gmail to Zimbra account. Therefore, in this segment of the post, a complete stepwise procedure to link Zimbra account to Gmail in a systematic form. Now, to do the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. To begin, Download & Install the Zimbra Desktop email application on the local machine. After that, click on the Add New Account option

2. Then, select the Account Type. Here, for Gmail, you need to choose Gmail option from the list

3. After choosing Gmail, enter the details of your Gmail account and click on Validate and Save option

4. To avoid any kind of processing issue, always make sure that in Gmail setting the IMAP access is enabled

5. After that, turn on the Less secure apps option in order to configure Gmail account in Zimbra

6. After all this, to synchronize all the Gmail data with Zimbra a window will appear

7. You just need to click on the Launch Desktop option

Point to Remember: Total time required in synchronization is completely based on the size of data.

After synchronizing the data it becomes easy for a user to access Gmail account in Zimbra very easily.

Final Word

Considering the requirement of the users of how to configure Gmail account in Zimbra, we have discussed a method that a user can use easily to connect Gmail with Zimbra successfully. A user just needs to follow the stepwise instruction discussed above in an efficient and proper manner, which make it easy for a user to access Gmail in Zimbra account.