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Solve Zimbra Mail Not Sending and Receiving Error Manually

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Published On April 15th, 2022
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Whenever a user encounters an unnecessary error in Zimbra, it prevents users from using the entire email communication channel to connect with each other. Due to the inability to send emails, users will encounter many types of errors while using Outlook. There was a problem in their workflow due to the inability to send any emails on Zimbra. In the next section, we will describe how to fix Zimbra Mail not sending and receiving issue.

How to Migrate Zimbra to Outlook?

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Zimbra Mail Not Sending and Receiving Error

Zimbra Mail Not Sending and Receiving – Solution

If you need to allow all other hosts or even the network to send mail through the MTA. Then add it to the relay list.

Note: Please be vigilant, any misfire will make it easy for malicious outsiders to send spam through your computer.

2 Step Solution to Fix Zimbra Outgoing Mail Issue

Follow the command based solution to fix Zimbra Mail not sending and receiving error:

Getting Existing Value

First, run the following command on your MTA server

su – zimbra
prov gs ‘hostname’ | grep zimbraMtaMyNetwork

If nothing is restored, you are only using the default suffix. Therefore, first use the following command to get it:

su- zimbra
postconf – d mynetworks

Setting New Value

To add a host, simply use the following method to add an existing value:

su – zimbra
zmprove ms ‘hostname’ zimbraMtaMyNetwork “ a.b.c.0/24 w.x.y.z/32”

The above quote is very critical:

When specifying an address range, it is important to always use the initial address range. Therefore, is valid because the address block of starts at However, it is not because it is not the beginning of the block range to

Now restart all services when you are done.

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Eliminating outgoing Zimbra email issues is very important to avoid interrupting the workflow. The situation with Zimbra Mailbox is similar because an error will restrict email sending in Zimbra (Zimbra Mail not sending and receiving issue). Therefore, we came up with a solution to eliminate errors and maintain the process.