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OLK14MsgAttach File – All One Needs to Know About the File Type

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There are different types of database storage used by various email clients. These use separate file formats that are unique to their manufacturer and proprietary to their builder. Each has its contrasting definition and it is difficult to understand each one of them. One of them in the OLK14MsgAttach and OLK14Message. It is a file type used by Mac Outlook 2011, 2016. A lot is not known about it and many users are unfamiliar with this file extension. This post covers all the details about its usage, its purpose, and its structure. Continue reading to find out more.

Quick Glance at OLK File Format

With 2011, Office suite was introduced for Macintosh computers. There were separate directories for emails, contacts, attachments, calendar, and other mailbox items that is OLM file. The Outlook for Mac creates OLK14 and OLK15 file types to stored temporary email messages in different parts.

OLK14MsgAttach File Extension

The OLK folder stores all the different mailbox items into multiple parts. It is created by Microsoft Outlook for Mac for each user profile. It creates olk14message for message, olk14msgattach for email attachment, .olk14contact file for contacts, .olk14search for storing search and .olk14pref for software preferences. There are also .olk14categories for categories, olk14signature for signatures, .olk14schedule for saved schedules and .olk14mailaccount for login details.

OLK Message File

Now, the email client breaks down the email into two parts. The message body is saved in .olkMSGSource, attachment in .olk14msgAttach. Listed below are the directories where the different OLK24 files can be found:

\user_name\Documents\Microsoft User Data\Office 2011 Identities\Main Identity\Data Records\Message Attachments\


\user_name\Documents\Microsoft User Data\Office 2011 Identities\Main Identity\Data Records\Messages\

OLK14 Message Recovery For Mac

It is difficult to understand and figure out this unique file type. It is new and unfamiliar to forensic investigators and data recovery agents. They need to study each and every bit and how it is placed in order to analyze the data file a bit further. Here is a graphical representation of what a HEX view of an OLK file looks like:


Structure of OLK14MsgAttach Attach File

Here is a listing of the important attributes of the OLK14MsgAttach file format. These can be helpful in better understanding of its concepts. An image has been provided to take for reference:

  • Attc – It is the signature of the file and has a unique value. Here it is 41 74 74 63.
  • Content-type – This defines the type of content stored within the OLK Message File.


  • Name – This mentions the name of the file.
  • Content-disposition – It specifies whether the attachment is inline or attached for subsequent access.

Note: If it says ‘inline’, it means that the attachment is displayed when the OLK message file is opened. They are displayed in the same order as they occur. Whereas if it says ‘attachment’, it means that additional actions are required to display these messages.

  • Filename – This value is same as the entry in ‘name’
  • Content-transfer-encoding – Always base 64 as it is the default value with which binary files are encoded.

A Better, Smart Way to Convert OLK14 Files

There are forensic analyst and cybercrime investigators that look for ways to open and export uncommon file extensions. They prefer professional tools that are specially designed for such purposes. One such third-party software is the OLK Converter. It is an ideal solution to extract OLK14MsgAttach files. It can work with both OLK14Message or OLK15Message. There are options for date filtration, naming convention and selectively moving items. It guarantees accuracy, efficiency and no data loss during export. The tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac operating system 10.10.4 and above.

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This post is designed for general information for all users looking for details of olk14Msg14Attach file format. It is a collection of all details that an individual needs to learn all about OLK14MsgAttach Mac. It contains all the content necessary to study this file format. It is very informative and can be useful to individuals, professionals, students, or forensic analysts. It also describes an automated solution that can be used instead. It helps migrate this file type into a more recognizable format like PST, EML, MSG. One can try to download and install the demo version which is available for free.