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SQL Database Error 3624 – A System Assertion Check Has Failed

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While running a Transaction-SQL query in SQL Server, sometimes users get an unexpected SQL Database Error 3624. Thus, considering the needs of users to resolve this error, today we have come up with this write-up. Here we will discuss the causes and ways that can resolve this error easily.

Introducing with SQL Database Error 3624

SQL Server is one of the most reliable software and this has brought it up in many mid-scale associations. It is a widely used prominent database management service that creates tables, stored procedures, executes queries, retrieves data, deletes records, maintains transaction log etc. Although SQL Server is highly authentic sometimes, it encounters some serious issues. SQL server error 3624 is one such frequent error that is faced by many users. It marks the database as SUSPECT. While SQL administrator tries to shift the database from a SQL server to another then, it displays the error in the following screenshot:

SQL Database Error 3624

SQL database error 3624 error means system assertion check is failed and now, to resolve this error users have to check the SQL Server error log. The main cause of assertion failure is a software bug or maybe corruption in database. For checking the corruption in database, run DBCC CHECKDB command. An update from Microsoft may available in the latest Service Pack or it can be received in a QFE from Technical Support.
Msg 0, Level 20, State 0, Line 0

Why SQL Error Code 3624 Arises?

The main cause of SQL database error 3624 is bulk data insertion in the SQL Server that consequently damages the log file of that specific database. Eventually, it marks the database as SUSPECT. The SQL Server 3624 error can occur in of following circumstances:

Case 1. When a table contains a non-clustered index

Case 2. A column of table has clustered Index key

Case 3. While A TABLOCK query is used in SQL

Case 4. Data compression enabled for a single table

Case 5. On-Filter is activated for any column

Case 6. Different column length of data tables

Case 7. Prior bulk data insertion and table not truncated

Case 8. SQL performs a LOOP JOIN join-hint or it is used by query

Is This a Data Loss Warning Error?

We cannot say that this error means data loss but there are few chances of data loss after prompting this error. MS SQL server manages the database via its own strategy of mirroring the database to avoid any data loss. While any user works with Full Recovery Model then, they must be working with this strategy that creates accurate replica of database. Both database copies administered by different servers, where first is on principle and another is on mirror server. This error mainly affects the mirroring of database thus; there is a risk of data loss. The mirror database becomes suspended and the entire data stored in principal database only.

How to Resolve SQL Database Error 3624?

In this section, we will discuss all the easy and probable solutions that can easily fix this error code.

Technique 1: Checking the consistency of Database

The DBCC CHECKDB command allows users to examine the exact reason of error 3624. We can understand it via an example: the error occurs either due to corruption in database or by any bug in application’s previous release. The DBBC CHECKDB command can repair the database corruption but only up to a certain stage.

Technique 2: Retrieve Data from Backup

When the corruption level is too high in database then, users must try to restore the data from backup. But before that, verify the status of restoring database from backup. The database backup must be latest to restore and should not exist in any of the following forms:

  • Not so latest and old: If the backup of database is 15 days old then, the data for 15 days is not available.
  • Not corrupted: If the database is corrupted then, it will not lead to an appropriate restoration. In case if you have restored the database from backup, it cannot be used for further operations.
  • Absence of Database Backup: The backup of database has no implementations. Most of the users do not take the backup of database. Then, they undergo while this error arises.

Technique 3: Use patches

SQL Database error 3624 usually occurs because of bugs in the software and these can fix via service pack releases. After patching the SQL server with up-to-date service pack can resolve the bugs from software and this error can be fixed then.

These all are manual ways that can fix SQL error 3624 but there are some limitations of these methods. Moreover, there is no guarantee that this error will resolve completely after applying the mentioned techniques. As we know now that, the main cause of SQL database error 3624 is corruption in SQL server database. So, all we have to do is, fix this corruption and restore the database in a healthy form. Now, the question arises that how to fix the corruption from SQL database? Well, do not worry! We have come up with an extreme and guaranteed solution to recover corrupt SQL database: SQL Recovery Tool. This is one of the most trusted and reliable solutions for recovering the database.