Top Fixes to Resolve There Was An Error Opening The File Word Instantly

Sometimes, users are looking for an appropriate solution to repair there was an error opening the file word error. Mainly, this issue occurs when a user tries to open the word file. Once, a user gets this error at that situation, they are unable to open their word file perfectly. So, in this article, we are coming to the best solutions to resolve the issue. Simply go through the entire write-up to learn more.

There Was An Error Opening The File Word – Ultimate Solution

To fix there was an error opening the file Word issue within a few minutes you need to take help of a third party application named Free DOCX Viewer Software. This utility is the simplest way to do the same. It facilitates an understandable user interface. So, a novice user can also avail it without taking external help. This software is capable enough to repair the error without losing a bit of data. It is programmed with an amazing feature that makes this prominent. This tool recover corrupted DOCX file and preview it in healthy format. DOCX Viewer does not associate with any kind of compatibility issues. It supports DOCX file of MS Office 2007 & all above versions.

Are You Finding Something Free?

Most of the users are looking for free fixes to resolve there was an error opening the file word issue. So, from here we are going to discuss the manual methods to repair this error effectively. You just need to follow below-stated steps in the sequential manner to get the positive outcome.

  • Sometimes, a file can be damaged in such a way that Word program cannot open it properly. But all is not lost. It may possible that you can use an Open and Repair command it might be able to retrieve your file perfectly.
  • Initially, hit on File and then Open, after that locate the path of the folder where the document (Word) is stored. Ensure that you do not open the file from the Recent section as this will not go into the Open dialog box.

Special Note: Word does not consist of a File tab. Instead, go to the Office button after that choose Open.

  • Here, hit on the file which one you require, and click the arrow next to Open, and choose Open and Repair.

What Happened? If It’s Not Working Properly?

Issues with file corruption generate when the file is stored on a USB device. And that is not connected appropriately while the device is open in Windows. You can avoid damaging files by using some easy and simple tricks. In the circumstance, of a crash or loss of power, you can fix an old version of your file if you turned on the Autorecover feature in Office. Therefore, in this section, we will be going to discuss the steps to repair the damaged word document or to fix there was an error opening the file word error:

Do You Know How To Repair the Damaged Word Document?

This process to troubleshoot damaged word document is partitioned into three several methods. You can follow any one of them as per your comfort.

Method #1: Generate a new document

Here, you have to add the document as a file in a new document. To implement the procedure follow the below-outlined steps.

Step 1: Create a new blank document

  • In Word 2010, choose the File Menu and then New
  • Now, select the Blank document, and then click on Create.

Mark: You may need to reapply some formatting to the previous section of the new document.

Step 2: Insert the damaged document in the new document

  • Here, on the Insert button, select Insert Object, and then, select Text From File
  • At last, in the Insert File dialog box, click on the damaged document. Or hit on Insert.

Method #2: Open the damaged document without updating links in draft mode

This is two measures procedure. Both the steps are discussed in an appropriate manner. Have a look:

Measure 1: Firstly, Configure Word

  • First of all, start Word program
  • After that, select Draft in the Document Views group on the View tab
  • Here, in Word, choose the File Menu then Options >> Advanced
  • Then, in the Show document content section, click to choose the Use Draft font in Draft or Outline views and Show Picture placeholders
  • From the General section choose to clear the Update automatic links at Open. Then, hit on OK and close Word application.

Measure 2: Open the Word’s damaged document

  • Now, launch Word application
  • In Word, hit on the File Menu or select Open option
  • Choose the damaged document, and then click on Open
  • If you are able to open the document with the help of this workaround then OK. Otherwise, you can move to another technique.

Method #3: Utilizing the Recover Text from Any File converter

You should have to know that the Recover Text from any file converter having some disadvantages. For instance, document formatting is lost properly. Furthermore, field text, headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes are retained as simple text.

  • Here, in Word, select the File Menu after that Open option
  • Now, choose Recover Text from Any file from the Files option
  • Afterward, select the document from which you require to retrieve the text
  • Lastly, click on Open.

Special Notice: When the recovering procedure is completed successfully. But, you can see that there is some binary data text that is still not converted. This text is foremost at the start and end of the document. You must have to delete this binary data text before you save the data file as a Word document.

Final Verdict

Free does not mean always free sometimes, you may have to pay something more than it. So, it is better and advised to go with an instant solution to fix the error such as there was an error opening the file word. This is an appropriate tool to fix this issue named DOCX Viewer. Moreover, you can select any one of them as per your need. But, still, we strictly recommend the alternative.