How to Resolve Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File .ost?

The error message is the Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File .ost kickback effect of damaged or corrupted Outlook OST file and occurs when the corruption is too serious for the fixing tool. This blog post explains the procedure if you want to learn how to fix this Microsoft Outlook built tool error. You can easily fix errors and find out how to recover important Outlook data.

But first, we look at some of the most significant reasons for this error message.

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Reasons of Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File .ost

Because Outlook files are easily corrupted, it is recommended that you always back up all important files, emails and contacts. Nevertheless, even if you forget to back up your files, you get built-in repair options (to repair and recover your files) in case they get corrupted or corrupted.

Sometimes Outlook files can get severely damaged or corrupted. In this case, the built-in tool (scanpst.exe) cannot repair such files.

Otherwise, the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST) will not recognize even the files to be repaired, and will display a pop-up error message Inbox Repair Tool does not recognize the files.

So before looking at how to fix it, let’s look at some of the factors that cause this built-in mailbox repair tool error message.

Microsoft Outlook Version Upgrade

Upgrading Microsoft Outlook from an earlier version to a later version is one of the most prominent causes of OST file corruption. This can happen if certain files are not updated properly and the application replaces such files prematurely. In the process, some of the old files may get corrupted and consequently become inaccessible.

Sharing Files Over An Insecure Network

Files shared on a damaged network are very vulnerable to corruption. This can be avoided, but many users are still sacrificed. Also, if the corruption is severe, such files can become inaccessible.

Oversize Outlook OST File Problem

Users who use Microsoft Outlook frequently can consume a lot of storage space, depending on the Outlook version, because the OST file size is larger than the defined limit. This is even worse for critical Outlook users who send and receive large amounts of email in a day. Over time, the OST limit becomes thinner and there is room for various types of file corruption.

In this case, the affected file is not normally accessible. If the damage is severe, the Outlook repairing method may not recognize the file when trying to repair the damage.

Corruption in Hard Drive Stored Data

A hard drive is the main storage hub in a typical computer system. As a result, hard drive damage can also affect Outlook OST files and backups. If the damage is severe, it cannot be repaired without recognizing the built-in ScanPST tool.

Use Untrusted Tool to Fix Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize Error

Using untested or unreliable utility tools as file transfer media or compression tools can corrupt OST files.

However, the main cause for this is the use of unreliable repair tools. If you try to fix a damaged file using an unreliable repair tool, the corruption gets worse. Such file damage is usually severe and cannot be fixed by Microsoft Outlook’s built-in repair tool.

This is why it is recommended to always use a reliable tool. In the next section of this blog, we will look at how to use a reliable OST Repair Tool to fix the Scanpst.exe Tool Does Not Recognize the File error.

Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File .ost – Best Solution

Outlook OST Recovery is the ultimate solution to fix OST related errors in Microsoft Outlook. Follow these steps to fix Scanpst.exe Tool Does Not Recognize the File error:

1. Free Download and Install The Software

2. Browse Orphaned or Damaged OST Files

3. Choose Scan Mode: Quick and Advance

4. Preview Recovered OST File’s Data Items

5. Export Corrupted OST File into Healthy Format

This operation can effectively repair and recover “unrecognized” OST files. You can then access the unique data.

Resolved Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File .ost

As highlighted in this article, the error Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize the File .ost is caused by severe corruption or damage of the OST file. Beyond the Scanpst.exe repair process, serious corruption scenarios may occur. Use suggest solution to troubleshoot “unrecognized” OST file issues.