Fix Not Implemented Error in Microsoft Outlook on Windows: A Faster Way

There are multiple bugs and issues when using any of the Microsoft technology. These are new problems which occur daily and affect the smooth working of an organization. These are similar ones that are reported by multiple users. It can take a lot of time and efforts to solve some of them. A lot of the blogs and forums have mentioned the Not Implemented error in Microsoft Outlook many times. It is a peculiar one and a lot is not known about it. Continue reading in order to gain all the important information on this topic.

Reasons for Outlook Not Implemented Error Code

Following are some of the common grounds that can be responsible for the occurrence of this problem:

  • Interference from an application using Outlook services like Antivirus programs, Lync, Skype etc
  • Corrupt email or Outlook.exe file
  • Infection or damage to the physical storage where the data files are saved
  • Faulty Add-ins may cause Outlook Not Implemented error code
  • Improper upgrade or installation
  • Improper configuration and settings that affect message Send/Receive service
  • Damage Outlook profile

Methods to Solve Outlook Error Not Implemented

Listed below are some of the steps that can be undertaken to fix the current problem:

Solution#1 Use Safe Mode to Disable Add-ins

  • First, press Win+R key and enter the Outlook /Safe and click the Enter button

  • Then, go to File >> Options >> Add-ins >> Go to fix Outlook error Not Implemented. This will enlist all the Add-ons installed on the email client

  • From ‘COM Add-in’ dialogue box, mark the boxes one by one and select Remove button
  • Then, try to run the Outlook application and check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution#2 Change Send/Receive Settings

All the preferences and personal Send/Receive information is saved in an SRS file. It can be useful in order to fix Outlook error Not Implemented. Repeat the steps as mentioned below:

  • First, go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\

  • Then, change the filename from Outlook.srs to Outlook.srs.old
  • Now, restart Outlook to check if access to mailbox has been regained.

Solution#3 Disable Any Third-party Software

There may be tools currently accessing the Outlook.exe process or blocking the data file. This will help users fix Not Implemented error in Outlook 2010. Antivirus software scans a particular message and places the complete data file in quarantine. This results in some problems in accessing mailbox data. The same can also be said for Lync, Skype and other applications using the OST or PST file. Try closing them and verify if this improves the situation.

Solution#4 Recreate Outlook Profile

  • First, go to Control Panel >> Mail >> Show Profiles to fix Not Implemented error in Outlook 2010
  • Then, select appropriate profile and click Remove and Add a new one
  • Finally, restart Outlook to check if the issue persists.

Solution#5 Use the ScanPST Tool

There is an inbuilt utility that is provided by Microsoft for repairing any Outlook data file(.pst). It is present in the default email folder where the Outlook.exe file is saved.

  • First, double-click on the Scanpst.exe file and upload the PST file directly
  • Then, click on the Start button and a list of errors will be reported
  • Finally, click on Repair button to fix Not Implemented error in Microsoft Outlook.

What Experts Recommend to Fix Outlook Errors

It is a fast pacing world that is ever-changing and outperforming itself. New technologies and products are launched every day to make peoples life easier. Workarounds are available for almost every manual technique nowadays. Everyone looks for a professional tool like PST Repair to fix Outlook errors. These are specifically designed just for the purpose of recovering lost or missing data. It can restore emails, contacts, calendar and other mailbox items and saves to healthy .pst file. Users can extract and save selective folders, components, and conversations to multiple file formats. It is a stand-alone application that does not require a mandatory installation of any desktop client.


The vast majority of problems can be solved by applying simple manual techniques. However, these methods may prove to be confusing and complicated for some users. They look for workarounds in order to fix Not Implemented error in Microsoft Outlook. It can be a bit tricky to resolve manually for a non-technical person. Steps for this have already been described in this post. It also mentions an efficient, reliable and user-friendly alternative tool. It is a simple application with no complicated features. One can try to download and use the demo version for free in any of the latest Windows PC.