3 Different Methods You Can Try to Retrieve 0 Byte PST File in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013

Microsoft Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table) file is vulnerable to various types of issues such as data corruption, large file size, and many other access issues. Also, a very strange error showing that is “0 Byte PST File” in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

What is 0 Byte PST File Error in Microsoft Outlook?

With a 0 bytes error, a regular Outlook PST file will start with a given file size suddenly and be reported as 0 bytes size. You may also lose access to the contents of the PST file, but the article may be searchable using Windows Search. And this is one of the most annoying Outlook PST file issues.

What are the Reasons of 0 Byte Outlook PST File Error?

Incorrect truncation of Outlook PST file causing the 0 byte error. This may be due to a hardware failure (including DRAM failure). This can also happen after the Microsoft Windows update.

Top 3 Methods to Fix Outlook 0 Byte PST File Error

After the error has taken 0 bytes, you cannot access the PST file as normal. To access the data stored in the PST file that displays a 0 byte error, you need to repair and retrieve the data. Below are some of the manual ways to recover data from a 0 byte PST file.

  1. Outlook Recovery Solution to Fix PST File Corruption
  2. Retrieve PST Data from Microsoft Outlook Backup Files
  3. Recover Microsoft Outlook Data from Archive PST File

Method 1: Outlook Recovery Tool to Fix PST File Corruption

Outlook PST Recovery is a designed tool to solve PST file corruption. You can repair files using the Inbox Repair Tool, but FreeViewer software is more reliable and accurate than the Inbox Repair Tool. It has an intuitive user interface that is easy for non-technical users to use. Repair and reduce large PST files.

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Method 2: Retrieve PST Data from Outlook Backup Files

If you have a habit of making regular backups of your Outlook PST files, you can quickly recover data from those backups. However, you may be missing items that have not been backed up.

Method 3: Recover Outlook Data from Archive PST File

In Outlook, archive items are stored elsewhere. Therefore, a 0-byte error in the default PST file does not affect archive items. So you can recover old Outlook items from archived PST files.


In this post, we have described several ways to restore a 0 byte PST file. If the user has Outlook PST file backup, the user can import it by creating a new PST file. Damaged PST files can be recovered using Outlook recovery tool.