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Professional Solution for Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17997

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Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17997

Emailing is the most professional and reliable way of social communication. As email clients play a very important part of today’s technological world, thus Microsoft offers a mailing software known as Outlook. This application is highly compatible with almost all versions of Windows OS as well as Mac OS X. Outlook has the ability to work in offline mode but its working criteria is different for Windows and Mac. For accessing emails without internet connectivity by Outlook on Mac, it is compulsory to connect it to the Exchange Server. However, Outlook is one of the best email clients although it does not mean that it is free from errors. Sometimes while connecting Mac Outlook 2011 with the Exchange Server users get an error message that Unexpected data was encountered Mac Outlook 2011 error code 17997. When users inspect the error report they get a message Mail could not be sent. Sometimes same error also displayed as Mac Outlook Error Code 17997.

This error message is very annoying and absurd in nature. It does not affect the incoming email process but it stops the outgoing of emails. Considering the need for users to resolve this issue, we have come up with this write-up. This article contains the complete solution for Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17997. So, let us begin.


Unexpected Data was Encountered Error – 17997 this is the error message that is encountered while Outlook 2011 starts connecting with Exchange Server. At this time the Exchange Server becomes unable to connect Outlook and users cannot send even a single email after this error prompt. Also, sometimes it freezes the current Windows screen for a few seconds.

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Approach to Fix Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17997

In this section, we will discuss all the possible manual methods to resolve this error message.

#Technique 1: Execute beneath mentioned steps sequentially to resolve this issue:

  • For accessing OWA via browser, modify the server name to URL
  • Go to Outlook 2011 Settings option and enable the default port
  • Then, change the port to 442

#Technique 2: Individuals can also resolve this issue via upgrading the Server Virtual Directory on the MS Exchange Server. To do this one needs to rebuild the Exchange Management console into SP3 when the virtual directories up gradation become complete. Reset the virtual directories on the Exchange Server. After doing this, the last chosen virtual directory will be removed and new directory will take its place. Grant the assigned permission and follow the down mention guidelines:

Note: Reconfigure a virtual directory once its reset, its is so because new virtual directory has the default settings.

Resetting the Client Access Server Virtual Directory

Step 1: Launch the Exchange Management Console

Step 2: Select the Configuration >> Client Access

Step 3: Choose Server Client Access name and hit a right click on it

Step 4: In reset access virtual directory choose Browse option

Step 5: Click on Virtual directory name you need to set >> Next

Step 6: All the default directories list will display now as following:

  • Autodiscover (Default Web Site)
  • EWS (Default Web Site)
  • ECP (Default Web Site)
  • Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (Default Web Site)
  • OWA (Default Web Site)
  • OAB (Default Web Site)

Step 7: Now virtual directory will become reset when this process completes click Next

Step 8: Select Browse >> Next

Step 9: Now you are in Reset Client Access Virtual Directory

Step 10: Click on Reset >> Finish

Step 11: This time reset the Information Services (IIS) via iisreset/noforce commands

The Bottom Line

Users who are facing the Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17997 can resolve their problem by executing any of upper mentioned methods. Both of the mentioned manual methods are reliable to solve this error code.