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Acquire All Possible Methods to Fix SQL Server Error Code – Msg 605

Are you fed up of encountering one error again and again? Is this making you irritating in your daily life? Yes? Then, come and fix errors in best possible shots with no scope of their occurrence chance in future. Here, we are going to discuss measures to fix SQL server error 605 with users.

The error Msg 605 is encountered when users are trying to log in with a user who is not System administrator. Appearance of the error is in red color with technical description of it.

Irrespective of directly pitching solution to the error, we are first going to discuss cause of it. So, here comes the same in further section!

Causes of SQL Server Error 605

There is 2 severity on the SQL server that causes occurrence to this error message.

Solutions to SQL Server Error 605

The manual techniques to fix the SQL server error is dependent upon the reason behind its causes. Determine the problem cause and learn solution to fix it accordingly.

Workaround #1: When Error is Caused Due to Severity 21

The page is damaged or incorrect if you encounter error 2533 after executing DBCC CHECKDB or CHECKTABLE command. To resolve this problem, you need to restore the data from server backup file. If in case the backup file is unavailable then, use DBCC CHECKDB to repair the file. You will be able to fix error msg 605 by determining actual cause of the error with help of following points:

If the problem occurs frequently even after running the DBCC CHECKDB command then, contact to the technical support team of Microsoft for further assistance.

Workaround #2: When Error is Caused Due to Severity 12

Additional Information

Wide range of Microsoft SQL servers is available, which are linked with bulk amount of databases. The server version 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2006 could be utilized for storing the primary database files. Imagine a situation where conventional measures are not supporting SQL server version 2014 and now it is impossible to detach and secure the data. At this stage, comes the need of taking assistance from software, which guarantees MDF file recovery.

A dedicated recovery approach is needed here to deal with damaged pages of MDF files. This will be including recovery of file components like tables, triggers, rules, functions, etc. At this stage many applications give promises of recovery through the words but, only few stuck on them. One of these few applications is SQL Server Repair Tool, which is not restricted up to MDF database file repairing but, also extends its working by giving preview of recovered data and providing different options to save it. In a swift manner, it extracts all the technical items of the SQL server and keeps the data integrity maintained throughout.


What to choose what not is a big confusion. So, in that case, we would suggest readers that if they are having expert level knowledge of Microsoft SQL server then, they should go manual approach. But, if there is less or no knowledge then, do not take any risk and go for third party solution or contact Microsoft technical support to fix SQL Server error 605.