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How to Convert Horde Email to Outlook? Explore the Solution Here!

“I have been using Horde webmail account for the purpose of quick and advanced business communication. Moreover, there are thousands of emails, which is been loaded in my email account. Because of which, I have deleted few of my unwanted emails. However, there are numerous emails, which I cannot delete by any means. Hence, I have decided to migrate Horde emails to Outlook application. As I am not pretty sure with the procedure to convert Horde to Outlook, please suggest the best approach to implement this need. Earnestly waiting for a quick response!”

Horde Webmail is a free communication suite that is ideal for enterprise-level communication, which can be availed in c-Panel software. With the help of this, users can smoothly explore the different features like read, send, organize email messages, share & manage calendars, etc. Apart from this, there are various other features like tasks, notes, address book and so on. With its simplified interface, it allows users to quickly navigate the different folders like Inbox, Outbox, Spam and many more. Due to the increase in emails in the Horde webmail profile, most of the users prefer to backup the data into some reliable email application like MS Outlook. If you among those users who want to export Horde to Outlook, then simply go through this article and explore the solution for the same.

How to Export Horde Email to Outlook Application?

In order to export Horde to Outlook, one can access the same via cPanel or Webmail. Here, we will focus mainly focus on the steps to export Horde email to Outlook via Webmail.

Step 1: Export Horde Emails to MBOX File Format

Step 2: Convert MBOX File of Horde to Outlook PST Format

When it comes to accessing the exported MBOX files on Outlook email program, one must convert the MBOX file to PST format. As there is no manual solution available that performs the MBOX to Outlook file conversion process. Thus, the only option is to install a reliable third-party tool like MBOX to PST Converter. With the help of this utility, users can easily convert the MBOX file to the resultant PST format in a short span of time. This tool can efficiently export multiple PST files to MBOX format without configuring MS Outlook application on the system.

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Simple Steps to Convert Horde Mail to Outlook PST:

How to Import PST File into Outlook Email Program?

Once the Horde emails are converted to PST format using the risk-free and result-oriented MBOX to PST Converter tool. Now comes the time to import the converted PST file to Outlook. Following are the steps to process the same.

Now, It’s Easy to Convert Horde Email to Outlook!

In order to safeguard the data from getting deleted or damaged by any means, it is wise to export Horde email to some trustworthy and reliable email client like MS Outlook. Now to export Horde email to Outlook, users can easily follow this blog where we have disclosed a cost-effective solution to smoothly implement this need in a trouble-free way.