Learn What to Do If SSD Not Detected After Power Outage

Are you one of the users who is facing SSD not detected after the power outage problem? If yes, then this is the right blog for you. Here we will discuss the solutions to SSD not recognized error. First, have a look at a relevant user’s query.

“I bought my SSD drive only a few months ago. Last night, there were some issues with the electricity in my home like a power surge. Though I have switched off my system as soon as I could, I think the damage has been done already. Since then, SSD is not detected after power surge by my system? I am really worried about the SSD drive and the files I stored in it. Please tell me how to fix this problem and most importantly, get back my files?”

A power outage can happen at any time to anyone. It can happen because of a power cut or power surge or even a defective power connection. No matter what is the cause, its consequences can be drastic. Users can even lose their complete data if the SSD card becomes corrupt due to this issue. Considering all these, we will discuss several techniques that users can apply if they encounter SSD not detected after power outage.

Try Manual Solutions to Fix SSD Not Detected After Power Outage

If the SSD becomes non-existing in your system, you can apply these methods and see if the problem goes away or persists.

Method 1: Reconnect SSD by Re-Plugging SATA Cable

  1. Unplug the SATA cable from SSD but keep it connected with the power connection
  2. Open your PC and enter into BIOS. Let the system stay idle for one hour and switch off the system
  3. Now, plug in the SATA cable to SSD and open your system to access BIOS
  4. If the boot order is correct, Save it
  5. Open Windows to see if the SSD card is recognized or not.

Method 2: Update System Drivers to Fix Power Outage Issue in SSD

  1. Type “Device Manager” in the Search box and hit Enter
  2. Check if all the installed drivers are updated. If not, then select Update driver option
  3. After the updating is done, Restart the computer
  4. See if the SSD disk drive is detected now.

Method 3: Update Firmware to Resolve Power Outage in SSD

  1. Type Device Manager in the Search box and click on the result to open it
  2. Expand the Disk Drives option and right-click on the SSD drive. Select Properties
  3. Choose details and Hardware IDs and click OK
  4. You also have to launch an SSD firmware update tool. With this, you need to check firmware versions of the SSD
  5. Click on License and select Accept
  6. Choose updates available >> Update Drive
  7. Click on Yes >> OK to finish the process.

Method 4: Run CMD Command to Fix Power Outage Error

If there are some corruption issues in your SSD and your system display warning messages, you can try to fix the corruption issues using the command prompt.

  1. Press Win + R keys and type cmd in the box. Command Prompt will open
  2. Type chkdsk /f X and press Enter. Replace the X with the drive letter of your SS drive
  3. When the process is over, type Exit and press Enter
  4. Check if SSD is detected now or not.

Method 5: Try SSD Recovery to Fix Power Outage Issue in SSD

If none of the above methods works or the SSD drive becomes damaged, the only option you have is to use SSD Recovery Software. This application has been developed using the most advanced technology, therefore, it will work perfectly on both internal or external SSD. Once connected, the tool will recover all the items from that SSD, including the deleted and corrupt ones. It is also compatible with m.2 and NVMe type SSD. The best feature of this tool is that it can recover all file types stored in an SSD including documents, multimedia files images, etc.

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Concluding Words

SSD not detected after power outage can cause extreme inconvenience to the users. If your system does not recognize your SSD after power outrage, you should take immediate action to fix this issue. You can go for any of the methods mentioned here. If these methods fail to resolve your problem. You must choose Windows Data Recovery Software for Windows OS. This tool is considered as the ideal tool to deal with data loss.

Some Common Queries Asked by Users

How do I fix my SSD not detected?

You can fix your SSD not detected issues by Unplug and re-plug SATA data cable on SSD that is mentioned above in the blog.

How do I fix my computer after a power outage?

You can fix your computer after a power outage with the help of above-mentioned blog. In this blog, We have provided manual and third-party software to overcome from this issue.