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How to Recover Deleted Files from VHD or VHDX? Complete Guide

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On May 15th, 2024
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Overview: Want to recover data from deleted VHD files after emptying the recycle bin? However, now there is no need to worry. By reading this special blog post, you can easily recover deleted files from VHD or VHDX. Loss of such data can cause many problems. In this blog, we explain this problem. So, read the entire blog and learn more about how to restore file from VHD.

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About Hyper-V VHD and VHDX Files

Virtual disks created in Hyper-V can be saved to physical disks as VHD or VHDX files. These are an alternative to physical hard disks. They act like a virtual machine’s (VM) hard drive. Virtual disks can contain their own file systems, disk partitions, sectors, and folders. They can perform standard disk and file operations. Each virtual machine requires at least one virtual hard disk to store virtual machine data.

Previous versions of Windows only supported the virtual single disk (VHD) file format. In response to growing technology needs, Windows 2012 introduced the VHDX file format, which significantly increases storage capacity, improves the performance of large drives, and provides greater data protection.

What are the Reasons for Deleting VHD Files?

VHD file deletion can happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • Sudden System Shutdown: Shutting down your PC or computer unexpectedly can have detrimental effects on its applications and hardware components. Additionally, if the virtual machine is active during the event, the associated VHD files may become corrupted.
  • Software Problems: Some programs can damage important files. If your virtual machine stops booting after installing new software, consider uninstalling the software as a troubleshooting method.
  • Human Error: Whether intentional or not, VHD file corruption can also occur. These issues may include intentional or unintentional deletion of important data files, These include errors when modifying the system registry, forced system shutdowns, and improper disk management techniques.

Manual Method to Recover Deleted Files from VHD or VHDX

Do you want to try to recover deleted or lost VHD or VHDX files manually? Follow these steps and restore file from VHD using Hyper-V Manager.

  1. Launch Hyper-V Manager on the system and select Edit Disk from the right pane.
  2. Select Browse Disk in the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard. Click Edit and Next.
  3. In the Select Action window, click Compress and Next.
  4. Wait until the virtual disk is edited. After that, click “Done.”.
  5. Rename the VHD file.

Expert-Suggested Software to Restore Deleted VHD/VHDX Files

If the above methods do not work, you can help recommend a solution like FreeViewer VHD Recovery Tool is the most reliable and secure tool on the Internet and does not require any prior technical knowledge to recover virtual files. this utility to recover lost or deleted VHD files without losing any information.

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This tool is compatible with all old and new versions of Windows operating systems. You can get a demo version from an authorized virtual disk recovery software website and evaluate the tool for free.

Working Steps to Recover Deleted Files from VHD or VHDX

1: Firstly, download, Install and run the Hyper-V VHDX file recovery tool.

Recover Deleted files from VHD or VHDX
2: Browse or Add the vhd or vhdx file Choose the files & click Open.

Recover Deleted VHD or VHDX files
3: Next, View all recovered Data files in application panel.

restore file from VHD or vhdx
4: Save recovered files (VHD or VHDX) at the desired location.

 Recover Deleted or lost data from VHD or VHDX

Highlighted Features of this Software

  1. View, scan and restore VHD files of any size (tested with 18TB VHDX files).
  2. Recover RAW files from the formatted VHD and restore the VHDX partition.
  3. Successfully recover damaged, damaged or disabled .vhd files/partitions.
  4. Restore data from a healthy VHD file (with proper filename, type, size, etc.) without installing a virtual environment.
  5. Recover VHDX virtual file formats such as FAT (16, 32) and NTFS (4, 5, 8), etc.
  6. Supports VHDX file data stored on fixed or dynamic disks.
  7. The software supports multiple languages.
  8. This tool allows you to save recoverable deleted data only from VHDX or VHD files.
  9. It allows you to bypass recoverable deleted data in VHD/VHDX files.
  10. Install the tool on all versions of the Windows operating system.

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Wrap Up

This article provides automatic and manual methods to restore file from VHD or VHDX files. If your files are irretrievably lost, we recommend you try professional software to recover deleted files from VHD or VHDX instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions by User

Q: How to recover lost or deleted data from a VHD or VHDX?

To restore deleted or permanently deleted data from a VHD, you can use  VHD file recovery software. Download and install the program on your device, select the location of the lost files, and then scan and recover the files as needed.

Q: Can I delete VHD/ VHDX data files?

Yes, you can delete the VHDX file after creating the virtual machine. Since VHD or VHDX files are usually larger in size, if you want to free up storage space, you can delete this file using normal deletion methods.

Q: How to restore multiple VHDX files at once?

No, the program can only add one VHD or VHDX file at a time. And you can only recover virtual hard disk files one by one.

Q: What is the maximum size for a VHD or VHDX file?

The maximum VHDX file size is 64 TB. If your VHDX file data has been deleted due to any error, you can try VHDX file recovery software without any hesitation. This application can recover  or restore an unlimited amount of data with no file size limitation.



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