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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from USB Drive? Explored Here

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On February 8th, 2024
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Overview Are you looking to learn how to recover permanently deleted files from USB drive? Then there is no need to worry about it; in this post, we will provide you with the ultimate solution to recover shift deleted files from USB drive. In the technological era, there are various ways of restoring deleted files from USB flash drives.

However, if users lose their data files and folders permanently by using shift+delete or accidentally, there is one automated solution that will surely help you get back all your deleted files from the USB drive.

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User Query

“I have stored 1TB of data on my USB drive for a long time. But yesterday, I deleted a few useless pieces of data from it. But after deletion, I realized I deleted a few important data points from it. Now I have no idea how to restore deleted files from USB flash drive. Please, anyone, help me recover my important files and folders from it. Thanks in advance.”

In today’s time, data has become very crucial for everyone. Storing data and keeping it safe from permanent shift deletions is one of the most challenging situations. Either for an individual or for a business, the loss of data could lead to a huge loss in the user’s life.

Usually, when your storage becomes worse, you lose your data files and folders. If I talk about home users, most of the data is stored on their USB drives, and if the USB flash drive is damaged or crashes, they could lose all the crucial data files.

There are two types of data loss: temporary data loss by pressing the delete button and permanent data loss by using the shift+delete button. Recovering temporary data is not as easy to do from a USB drive.

How to Recover Shift Deleted Files from USB Drive?

If users want to delete a file, they simply hit the delete button or press right-click and delete. By doing this, you lose your file permanently. In contrast, if you delete your file from an external storage device like a USB drive, pen drive, USB flash drive, SD card or memory card your files are permanently deleted. There are no manual methods available to recover shift deleted files from USB or recover lost data from thumb drive.

Is it Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from USB Drive?

As we know, once data is entered on the USB drive, it is permanent unless the user hasn’t overwritten it. Shift-deleted files are not actually deleted from your USB flash drive. A data block that contains the deleted file is marked as free space for the device. It is available until the users have overwritten the new data.

So if you are one of them who hasn’t been overwritten by new data, then don’t worry! There is a solution by which users can recover permanently deleted files from pen drive.

These Reasons that Originate Permanent Deletion

Let us find out some more factors that lead to permanently deleting files from USB flash drives.

  • Deleting files from Command prompt
  • Virus Intrusion
  • Abolishing files from the storage device

To perform different manual methods to recover lost data from thumb drive, we must have proper technical skills. This process is taking to much time, so we need to have the patience to do any work. But remember one thing: there is no manual method to recover shift deleted data from USB drive. To get rid of these situations, you have only one option: always take backups of your important data.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files from USB Drive Using Automated Solution

While recovering deleted files from a USB flash drive, we face trouble as complete storage is not available. The manual backup option can be the best process for users. But the only drawback of this is that users need to make a weekly or monthly backup of their important data. This is good for a single person, but for a businessman, it is quite difficult to manage such a huge amount of data. Therefore, use the expert-suggested solution. This tool, which has a full package of attractive features, will surely assist you in recover data from corrupted pen drive.

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It is a completely secure solution with a simple user interface. So, regardless of the user’s background, he can recover corrupted data from flash drives or USB sticks. With this solution, you can easily recover damaged, deleted, or formatted files from removable media installed in Windows 11, 10 and earlier versions.

Important Tips: Get a complete guide to view and open your data files from pen drive for free

Easy Steps to Recover Erased Files from USB Drive

1: Download and install the software on any version of Windows.
Recover Permanently Deleted Files from USB Drive

2: After that, attach the pen drive to your computer.

how to recover deleted files from flash drive

3: Choose the partition you want to retrieve and hit the Scan button.

recover erased files from usb drive

4: Your all-shift deleted files will be shown on the application screen.

how to restore deleted files from usb flash drive

5: Choose the particular file or folder and hit the save button.

restore lost data from pen drive

Features of this Software

  • This tool restores data files from the FAT (16, 32), ex-FAT and NTFS file systems.
  • It supports recovering deleted files from pen drive, USB Flash Drive, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, etc.
  • Tool support to retrieve photos, videos, audio’s personal and professional documents, etc.
  • The software can recover unlimited data from the USB drive without any data loss
  • The application is capable to recovering selective data from the USB drive
  • It provides an advanced search option to find specific data from it
  • Supports recovering deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from the USB drive
  • It is compatible recovering all brands of USB drive like SanDisk, Sony, HP, LG, etc.

Note: If you need to recover all data items on your hard drive, such as photos, videos, documents, music, emails and all other media files,. Therefore, you can use this Windows Data Recovery Software without any problems. However, users can perform recovery using all versions of the FAT and NT file systems.

Summing Up

If you lose your data frequently and want to recover permanently deleted files from USB drive, it is recommended that you use an automated solution. This is the ultimate solution and you can restore deleted files from USB flash drive safely and securely without any hassle. Apart from this, you can download the free demo version of the software, and after that, you can preview your shift deleted data in the software panel. After that, you can decide to purchase this software.

Commonly Asked Questions by Users

Q1: Can I restore shift-deleted data from pen drive?

Yes, you can restore shift deleted data from pen drive by using the above-mentioned software.

Q2: Is the tool able to recover data from the dynamic disk?

Yes, this tool has the ability to recover data from a dynamic disk.

Q3: I want to recover selected deleted data from the pen drive. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to recover selected data from the pen drive. This application provides two modes to save data Save selected data and save complete data from the pen drive.



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