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Fix Outlook 2016 Mac Quit Unexpectedly & Mac Outlook 2011 Not Starting Issue

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Outlook 2016 Mac Quit Unexpectedly

Does your Outlook 2016 Mac quit unexpectedly? or Mac Outlook 2011 not starting? Are you become tired of searching for a proper solution for the same? Do not worry at all. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the best possible solutions in order to rectify this error.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac is, without any doubt, a superb email application. It gives a secure platform for users to access their data. One of the chief reasons behind its use is the attractive feature suite that it brings forth for its users. However, just like the other emailing client, there are some issues associated with it. At times, these issues are associated with the program itself, from the other applications, or due to the Operating System. One OS for Mac i.e. Mac OS Sierra is also known for causing some problems with MS Outlook 2016. Generally, it crashes the Outlook all of a sudden at random times or maybe at the time of launching. Few users have also noticed frequent crashes at the time of moved connection between the different WIFI networks. Let us consider this query, which is taken from the forum site to understand the situation properly:

“Yesterday, suddenly I came across an error message in my Outlook 2016 for Mac. I do not have any idea that why that problem has occurred. I was just trying to access some of my emails, but unable to do that. Later, I have decided to search for the solution to fix it quickly. However, it became another challenge for me. Finally, I have decided to take the help of other users who have gone through the same situation.”

Just like the above-mentioned query, various users are facing a similar issue or Mac Outlook 2011 not starting issue. Therefore, without wasting any time, let us move to the solution part.

Fix Outlook 2016 Mac Quit Unexpectedly Manually

These are two ways to resolve this error of Mac Outlook 2016 as mentioned below:

Method 1: Now, one of the common solutions to rectify this problem is to upgrade Mac OS 10.12 Sierra to the 10.12.2 release. It may fix the crashes issues of Outlook 2016, but there is a possibility of other performance problems. If the issue is still the same after updating the Mac OS or if you cannot update for some reasons, then you can opt for another method.

Method 2: According to this method, you need to turn off the Auto Proxy Discovery / Automatic Proxy Configuration. This is because of the fact that this error is most commonly generates conflicts with the networks or proxy configuration. Once you turn off the automatic configuration, MS Outlook 2016 will prevent any conflict. In order to do this, follow these steps as mentioned below:

  • First, go to the System Preferences and then open Network settings
  • Now, click on Advanced >> Proxies
  • Finally, turn off “Auto Proxy Discovery” in case, it is allowed by administrative of your organization. If not, then you need to contact you administrative to take the help of them.

Outlook 2016 Mac quit unexpectedly error may occur due to the corruption in the database file. Therefore, in such situations, apart from these two above stated manual solutions, users can go for our tool named as OLM Recovery Tool. The software has been developed for the recovery of damaged or corrupted OLM files. After the recovery process, it stores them in EML file format.

Outlook 2016 Mac Quit Unexpectedly & Mac Outlook 2011 Not Starting

Sum It Up

Microsoft Outlook is one of the common and popular email applications nowadays. It comes up in different versions and both Mac and Windows users can access this platform. However, similar to any other version, users may get some issues while accessing Mac Outlook 2016. One such frequent issue is Outlook 2016 Mac quit unexpectedly and Mac Outlook 2011 not starting. Considering the challenge to resolve this error, we have discussed both manual and automated solutions to fix it. Users can choose any of the editions as per their need.