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How To Handle Your Outlook 2016 Mac Junk Mail Filter

Raj | Modified: July 19th, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading

Emails have now become a major point of cross-communication. For the exchange of these emails various platforms available in the online market. Hence, the completion is very tough among these email applications. Among all of them, Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email clients. It comes up in different versions and one of its editions i.e. Outlook 2016 can be used in both Windows and Mac OS. Outlook 2016 for Mac is advance and has some significant modifications as compared to its predecessor MS Outlook 2011. One of the added features is that to handle Outlook 2016 Mac junk mail filter. Now, before proceeding to the way of handling junk emails, let us discuss some important information as in the upcoming part of the blog.

Outlook 2016 Mac Junk Mail Filter

Mac Outlook 2016 Junk Emails: Introduction

Junk emails are mainly those emails, which users have neither signup for nor did they request. These emails generally contain marketing emails, spam, or other illicit email messages, which users do not wish to read or see.

Outlook 2016 Mac Junk Mail Filter

In the present arena, the appropriate filtering of emails and junk email messages has become very efficient. Hence, in very rare cases users get any spam in their inbox. However, it does not indicate that it is entirely, blocked off. Now, junk email filtering is the accurate result of smart algorithms & machine-learned logic, which examines the patterns, all the people you communicate with, your way of dealing with a particular email, etc. These algorithms improve on themselves by viewing or reading that what kind of mail messages you read and what you do not or mark as spam manually.

Kinds of Junk Mail Filtering Available

There are two types of email filtering if you are accessing a desktop-based client such as Outlook for Mac i.e. client-side and server-side.

The filtering of server-side works on your email servers like MS Exchange and does not allow any junk mail before it gets downloaded to the email client like MS Outlook. While, on the other hand, client-side filtering occurs inside the email client itself. Therefore, the email-client filtering can easily block any spam email that might come from server-side filtering.

Modification Mac Outlook 2016 has Created to Client-Side Filtering

One of the first things that should be noted is that Outlook 2016 does not have a client-side filtering option. In case, any email is through the server to the client, it will appear to the Microsoft Outlook side without any doubt. Nevertheless, it does not mean that there will be no further protection to block junk emails. You can even go for a manual blocking of address or any certain keywords/ manual filters, which is slightly dissimilar to filtering. There is a difference between automatic server-side filtering and manual filtering. Automatic server-side filtering is capable to work in conjunction with the numerous algorithms, which read content, headers, and many other factors for checking the email nature, whereas manual filters generally work by simply blocking accurately what you just put into it. One of the chief dissimilarities between Outlook 2011 and MS Outlook 2016 is that the former version permitted to set “Level” settings or intensity of the protection from none to top and in between. Mac Outlook 2016 permits only manual blocking of the email addresses/ adding of secure senders. You can easily mark the email as junk and add the email address to your block list.

As mentioned-above that Outlook 2016 for Mac does not have the client-side filtering whereas, it is there in 2011 edition. It must be a surprise to many users, but it should not be as, every email servers have some or the other way to prevent the emails that are spam. In this also, users can add the spam emails to their block list by going through a manual solution.

Sum It Up

Microsoft Outlook comes up in different editions and now becomes a very famous platform for maintaining business continuity. Even Mac users can access it on their machine. As a matter of fact that junk emails should be kept apart, in the above blog, we have learned how to handle Outlook 2016 Mac junk mail filter. Just like other email clients, it also has a method to avoid junk mail messages.