Multiple Preview Modes – Deeply Analyze Outlook MSG File

Admin | April 11th, 2019 | Outlook

To manage the communication process with clients, organize various emails, contacts, calendars, etc. companies rely on the email client. Email clients make it seamless for the organization and users to manage their data and communication process at a single place. Due to the availability of the multiple email clients, it becomes difficult for the user to select a particular email client for his/her business. One can select email client according to the features and functionalities associated with the email client. Now, when we talk about file format then every email client is compatible with a particular file format. One of the most commonly used file formats is MSG which is a mail message file format. This file format is supported by numerous email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla SeaMonkey, etc. In the next section know the automated method to preview MSG with multiple preview modes.

One can easily open and explore MSG file via the supporting email client. But what if the user needs to browse MSG file without any email client. In such a case, the user has to depend on an automated way to explore MSG file without any email client. Thus, here, we are going to discuss a reliable yet smart approach to browse and explore MSG files without any hassle.

Understanding Need to Explore MSG File Without Email Client

“I work as a Data Analyst in an IT organization. A few days back, my Manager asked to carry out the in-depth analysis of MSG file with the examination of message header details. Now, I am having around 100+ MSG file, which I need to analyze. The problem is that I am having limited time to complete this task. Thus, I want to know that is there any tool using which I can open and view all the details related to MSG file without any email client installation. Please suggest me a versatile and reliable software.”


Here Comes An All Rounder Solution: MSG Viewer

To browse MSG file with all the details the user can rely on MSG Viewer utility. With this software, the user can open and analyze MSG file with multiple preview modes. The software is integrated with robust features and one such feature is different preview modes. The utility provides Hex View, Message Header View, MIME View, Attachments View, etc. to perform the in-depth examination of MSG files.

Perks of Multiple Preview Modes Provided By FreeViewer

  • Normal Email View: With this view mode, the user can browse MSG email details: time, subject, date, from, to, cc, bcc, etc.
  • Properties View: This view mode allows the user to view different properties related to MSG emails. One can view properties such as message class, size, header ID, etc.
  • Hex View: With Hex View mode, the user and forensic investigators can view the Hex code of MSG files. This view mode is very important for forensic examiners to analyze the Hex Code of MSG email.
  • MIME View: This view mode permits to view details such as content-type, return path, etc. of the MSG emails.
  • HTML View: With HTML view mode, the user can explore MSG email message in HTML i.e HyperText Markup Language format.
  • Message Header View: This view mode permits the user to browse MSG message header details such as date, sender, message ID, etc.
  • Attachment View: With this view mode, the user can easily view attachments related to MSG emails.
  • RTF View: With RTF View mode, the user can easily explore MSG email in plain text format along with the symbols such as $, # etc.

Time to Wrap Up

Most of the users search for a versatile and trustworthy way to view and examine MSG emails in details. Thus, to make it easy for the users, we have introduced a feature-rich yet efficient utility to browse and explore MSG files without email client dependency. The software is also integrated with multiple preview modes which make easy for the forensic investigators and users to perform the in-depth analysis of MSG files.