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Best Ways to Manage Outlook Mailbox Size Limit

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2022-02-07T16:59:23+05:30 | 6 Minutes Reading
Outlook mailbox size exceeded

Summary: Do you receive a mailbox size exceeded message in Outlook? Are you facing the same problem and the performance is degrading because of the size issue? Want to manage Outlook Mailbox size in a well organized manner? Then, you must read the entire article and lighten up yourself and get a reliable way to resolve the request.

Outlook provides its users with certain file size limits for the benefits of the users like Outlook 2002 and older version gives 2 GB, Outlook 2007 20 GB, and Outlook 2019 gives 50 GB. But to match today’s machine world speed, this space is sometimes is not enough for the users.

After considering most of the users’ problems we have come up with the best solutions that will help you to rectify the issue so that Outlook mailbox size limit is exceeded. But, before jumping to the solutions let us first see the reasons behind this.

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Reasons Behind the Issue of Exceeding Limit

  • When there are huge number of large PST files
  • The other one is that when there are large number of attachments
  • There are duplicate items in Outlook mailbox
  • If the user is using old version of Outlook

Hey! I am Daniel and I am working as an HR manager in multinational co. I have to manage my appointments daily. For the last 4 years I have been using the Outlook application. But, yesterday when I opened Outlook it displayed a message saying that you have exceeded the size limit on your mailbox Outlook.

My Outlook mailbox is still full after deleting everything. This gave me stress as I am unaware of the correct procedure to manage Outlook mailbox size. My data is very important to me and also to my company. I need an instant yet infallible solution that can easily solve my problem and get me out of this stressful situation. Please provide me with one. Thanks!

Users who are using MS Outlook for a very long time, this is the most common issue for them. And for those users who don’t know the reason behind this. Basically, this error occurs when the Outlook exceeds its existing storage limits.

Thus, to inform its users Outlook displays this error message. And they want the solution to increase Outlook mailbox size. As a result the performance degrades that affects its users a lot.

Well, we have discussed the reasons and the users’ query also. But, now the burning question is how to solve the exceeded mailbox issue. In the next section, we are providing you with the sure shot solutions. Stay with us.

Different ways to Manage Outlook Mailbox Size Issue

To tackle the problem we have come up with the top ways. The methods are discussed below in the section in a descriptive manner.

  1. By using Outlook Import/Export Wizard
  2. Outlook Archive Option
  3. Advanced Software to Manage Exceeded Mailbox Size

Method 1: Increase Outlook Mailbox Size Limit Using Outlook Import/Export Wizard

  1. First, start the Outlook application on your PC. Click on the File button
  2. Go to Import and Export. A dialogue box will open on the screen Import and Export Wizard
  3. Under Import and Export Wizard multiple options are given. Choose Export to a file
  4. importexport wizard

  5. Then, click on Next button
  6. From the option given choose .pst >> Next
  7. choose PST file

  8. Under Export Personal Folder select the folder to export. Tick the include subfolder check box. Click on the Next button
  9. tick include sub folders

  10. Tap on the Browse button to save the PST files at any folder location
  11. Click on Browse

  12. At last, click on Finish

Method 2 : Use Outlook Archive Option

  1. Open Outlook application on your system.
  2. Click on File Tab
  3. Tap on Archive option
  4. From the Archive Window, choose Archive this folder and all subfolder option
  5. under Archive option

  6. Choose the folders that you want to archive
  7. Press the Browse option to save the archive PST files
  8. click on Browse button

  9. Finally click on the OK radio button.

Method 3 : Automated Technique to Manage Outlook Mailbox Size

As Outlook is incapable of providing any direct option to crop the size of the PST file. Therefore, users can use the PST Splitter Tool to divide the PST data file. The tool does not need Outlook installation in the system.

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It splits the file without Outlook in a safe manner. Users can use this approach as it is very easy and simple to use because of its interface.

The tool supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST format files. It is fully compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Working Steps of the Astonishing Wizard

  1. Download and launch the software. Click on Add File and select the PST file from the system and then hit the Open button
  2. Click on Add file

  3. After that, click on the Browse and choose the location to save the resultant files
  4. Manage Outlook mailbox size

  5. Click on Options, here software offers you with multiple options. From there choose Split by Size. You can also provide the desired size
  6. Size option

  7. Click on Next the tool will begin the process.
  8. Click on Next

Advanced Features of the Unbeatable Software

There are numerous advanced features of the tool among all the available software in the market. In the following section we are explaining some of them.

Split by Size

The tool provides its users with the facility to split the size of the file by its size. Users can apply split values. You can provide the size in MB, GB and TB to break the files into the desired size. The minimum split size is 1MB and the maximum is 1 TB.

Split by Date

In case users want to split PST by any specific date range there is an option available in the software you can select split by date option. By there, users can apply split value by Select Date and Select Date Range to split specific PST files within the provided Date ranges.

Split by Year

By this option, the tool allows the users to split PST files by year. In order to split PST files of the specific range of year choose and provide desired range with From and To column space given.

Suppose, if the user has chosen the year 2017 to 2020, then you have 4 PST files separately. Each Outlook data file contains data info for a single year within it.

Split by Email id

It also allows the users to avail the option of using split by Email id. By this, you can split PST file by single or multiple email id.

Split by Category

You can apply split value by choosing any of the provided categories such as Mail, Task, Calendar, Contacts, Note.

In Outline

In this write up, we have cleared all the doubts of the users by explaining every details to manage Outlook mailbox size. We have discussed manual as well as the professional method to increase Outlook Mailbox size limit.

It is totally up to the user to opt for which method. Most of the users face problems that Outlook mailbox is still full after deleting everything. Therefore, considering all that in mind we will recommend that you must use the software as it includes multiple advanced features and an efficient way to manage your mailbox.